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bedroom sound level (pedals)


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Has anybody tried the Vox stomp lab G1? The Vox seems like a small little pedal where I can shape a few clean sound patches. Reverb, reverb-delay, chorus, etc.


I've replaced my bulgera V5 with a hand wired VHT special 6, Which hasn't arrived yet. My cheapy zoom g2 multi pedal has become very noisy and needs to be replaced. I have a bunch of individual pedals. But, I like the ease of a very basic cheapy multi effects pedal in front of my individual pedals. Which, I never have set up permanently (plus the special 6 doesn't have reverb}.


More than likely, I probably need digital effects to sound right at the levels I play at. For instance there is no way I'd ever drive a BIG MUFF enough to get the full effect of its classic sound. I just don't play loud enough, and don't really want to.

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