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'50's CF 100e ID

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I have a player-grade CF 100e and I'm curious about it's origin.

The only ID it has is a number on neck block, that is 8796 17.

There are actually 2 spaces between the first four numerals and the last two.

Here's a vid:



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Nice guitar! There are many fans of the CF100 guitars on the forum. I have a '57 and onewileyfool has a '53 I believe. The E version was made from '51 to '58 The FON(factory order number) ranges from 6000's to 9000's in 1951. The rest of the years would have a letter prefix before the FON ranging from Z to T.

Yours is possibly a '51 if you don,t have a letter before the number. I see replaced knobs and tuners. The rest looks 'straight-up'?

Hope this helps,


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Thank you for the info.

The bridge was reset by McCabes in Santa Monica and is fairly low but the action, playability and intonation are spot-on.

The pick-up cover is long gone and the pick-guard shows some shrinkage.

The tone pot is disconnected most likely but the pick-up and volume pot are fine.

This guitar has a wonderful clarity in the lower register.

There's a hairline finish crack along the seam on the top but not in the top itself.

It's longevity is a testament to how well-built this era of instruments was.

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