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Een foto-test als u mij toestaan


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Ik zal proberen als ik meer tijd!





*                              *                              *                              *                              *                                              







Guitar nerd alert-


Headstock size might be larger on long-scale super jumbo bodies (rather than just being limited to scale length), larger on Squares, or it might just be Gibsoned


Photo 1- upper guitar = short-scale square, larger than long-scale round-shoulder underneath it:





Photo 2- (below) short-scale round shoulder '46 SJ is slightly smaller than the long scale from Photo 1, on bottom:





Photo 3- long scale super jumbo significantly larger headstock than the (largest of the others above) short scale square below it:





. . . And yes, Buc, the trc looks vintage-correct, and right at home. Of course, W-B-W would be nice !

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