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  1. Sorry you decided to take it that way, BK. Gee, I put a happy face on there, and everything.
  2. Apologies- not feeling terribly poetic & didn't mean to make world and eyes spin, 'just conscious of OP CJB's happy announcement on finding his guitar, an all-mahogany one at that, and maybe sensing just a little bit of irony at the idea of playing authentic blues on a fancy custom built guitar. It is a looker, though. 🙂.
  3. Same here. But I would need to hit the lottery.
  4. You just had to ask him, didn't you? 😀. Well, BK got lucky on the composition of the 4th photo down in the panel- the plant reflections on the guitar's back- très dramatique! and in The States, the hang tag on the case. . . we'd call that the Minnie Pearl treatment (no offense- I've done that to a Martin) Maybe so, but it's the most honest of tonewoods.
  5. Good one, Lars. . . creates quite the image, and might make more sense (😧?) to those not into American sports. It's going to take some effort now to keep from typing a T instead of an S when replying to the big guy's posts. 🙂
  6. Some strings just sound good when they're fresh (not any for me, though), but many times there is a very cool transformation in their sound after they've been on the guitar for a while. Always good to keep the install date and any random information written on the string packet- it can help decide if they're a good match for that guitar, or help you decide if they're just too old now. EDIT: or maybe your humidity dropped a good bit since the last time you got that guitar out?
  7. On second thought, maybe my thinking of the 14 fret'ers design having less fretboard over the guitar's top was all about Gibson's "smooth even flow of tone", when it could've been about: ". . . adding to the player's speed and accuracy". I must've been too unstinted.
  8. Dave's post of those old catalog pages makes for some fun "wish I had a time machine" thinking- and plenty of the descriptions suggest the selling points of the time, not just the finish on the Style L-1, "with sunburst at bridge: hand rubbed for permanency", but something else seldom mentioned and almost at play with the tone on 12 fret guitars "All Gibson guitar necks join body at 14th fret. . . reduces the number of frets on the guitar top to a minimum." If you can detect ~ 1" more fretboard in that area, +1 for you.
  9. A 12 L-00 would definitely be interesting to try. And a beautiful Gibson sunburst to go with. Showing as "no longer available". Hopefully OP CJB got it, as he was looking for a more recent model. As much as the 12 design would be interesting on an L-00, it only makes the idea of the 12 and 13 fret Nick Lucas Gibsons with their increased body depth more interesting.
  10. Certainly looks like a nice guitar. Was Gibson still doing the "shroud" case thing on some special runs as late as 2008? I've seen gray interiors, but never noticed the "Custom" word on the case exterior (?).
  11. Ah, the side dots as well! Another good thing to add to Buc’s observation. Only thing is, now whenever I see split parallelograms on a Hummingbird, SJ, CW, Songwriter, etc., I’m checking the orientation of those inlays! 😬.
  12. Upload it to imgur.com, then from your “album” there, click on your uploaded image, and select “BBCode” (blue button) to embed (paste) it directly here. *Anyone have these two guitars handy at the moment? It would be interesting to see a photo of the J-45 you’re looking at. . . If you draw a line through the tightest portion of the guitar’s “waist”, an imaginary line drawn across one on the Hummingbird runs through the lower soundhole, Where a similar line drawn across from each side of the pinched waist of the J-45 is below the soundhole. Wouldn’t that ‘guard, lining up with the soundho
  13. lol. Well, what do you know. . . it took a lefty. 🙃.
  14. ✔️. thx. . . the ones in the above photo had me wondering.
  15. Yes, it does blend in well. . . I thought the area did look "worked" in the photo I'd posted below Dave's. also- are the cuts/ramps made into the bridge (that keep the ball ends and the string windings from catching in the bridge pin holes) normally cut with the same width saw blade?
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