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  1. are you sure you’re not already retired?
  2. The one J-45 to have, when you're having more than one. A cherry burst that strong, and one with an adjustable saddle at that, can be an acquired taste, but Michael Lemmo's playing fattens the mids nicely with those thick chords (the required chatter can be skipped by going right to 4:20). Thanks for passing that along, Holiday.
  3. Yeah, that roughness at the fretboard extension is nothing. Nothing. I'd be more interested in what looks to be some high action in photo 9. Might be something that could easily be adjusted. Make sure it's comfortable to play. Nice tall saddle, too. Thin pickguard a plus. Like the tuners. Nice demure burst. Photo 5 seems to show a nice chunky neck profile, which would most likely be an upgrade from the slim taper neck on the 2019.
  4. I think keeping it in the case makes the strings last longer, because whatever the fingers leave behind attracts and allows dust to accumulate, and oxidation to increase . Personally, there are a couple of guitars that stay out around here. . and I kinda like the sound of older strings on certain guitars/ styles of music- not quite Nick Drake, more along the lines of early Dylan. QM- if you want a surprise, try wiping those strings down with a little naphtha … They’ll be zingy again. Just be sure to wear ear plugs- it’s pretty squeaky.
  5. C’mon (Roy)^2- you know elixirs, the nano‘s in particular, would be good for a regular- use guitar‘s longevity of strings, but for a guitar that has infrequent use, just put your favorite set of strings on it, and keep it in the case- they should sound pretty good for a long time. Also, by using the long-lived elixirs, you lessen the amount of times that the bridge plate gets galled every time you bring a new set of strings up tension.
  6. Nice. Thanks for sharing that. 'Hope the documentary has a couple more chords, though.
  7. I think you're right. The conversion bushings might've been used when going from the Rotos to 3 on a plates. Was going to go with these StewMac Golden Age jobs (shown below with some rotomatics, two of which probably weigh more than the whole 3 on a plate) for the old maple J-45, but ended up getting a salvaged pair of original tuners.
  8. Almost forgot- not only is there a lot of metal hanging on the back of those tuners, but there’s a lot of metal going through the headstock, too. So you’ll most likely need the 3/8” conversion bushings, as well: https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/Tuning_Machines/Tuner_Parts/3_8_Conversion_Tuner_Bushing.html
  9. Yes, and always good to put a little masking tape around the 1/16" drill bit just shy of the length of the body of the screw to use as a depth gauge.
  10. I believe it is Buc here on the forum who knows the model number of Grover tuners to use, possibly these: https://www.stewmac.com/Hardware_and_Parts/Tuning_Machines/Solid_Peghead_Guitar_Tuning_Machines/Grover_Vintage_135_Series_3and3_Tuners.html Just bear in mind- don’t the Grover Rotomatics ( if that’s what you have) that you’re looking to replace have a only a single screw on the lower inside? Hopefully this would be covered by the base plate of the 135 tuners.. Worked for me. Or- were those tuners Buc was talking about Gotoh tuners?
  11. 62burst


    I think Dave ain't afraid of no guitar. Certainly not afraid of what top cracks along the fretboard extension through the rosette do to resale value. These are arched back guitars? I suppose if one was absolutely curious about this model, and one had the set up knowledge (as you do), then at this price, knowledge of the array of Gibson acoustics ever offered could only be increased. . . . and who ships a guitar in just a case?
  12. Weren't you supposed to be billed on the marquee above Puppet Show?
  13. Same here. It got filled up with guitars. But I'm working on that. So, Mr. Hall- that photo of your maple Hummingbird... that filled your space? Upload it, and any others to imgur- it's fairly easy to work with, then once you click on your uploaded photo, you can use the BBCode button that appears in the sharing options on the right side of the page to embed it here. Keep the dimensions around 600 pixels X whatever to avoid blowing out the page here, and on people's handheld devices. One thing I ran into when reading about imgur- it might not end up holding your photos for ransom, as photobucket ended up doing, but there is some small print somewhere that says that they may someday delete older, or unused albums to make room on their site. So we've been warned.
  14. The burst on the 2015 has become my favorite bursts that Gibson does, and they do some beautiful sunbursts. Oh yeah, nice string break at the saddle, and well-cut nut. Seller advertises little wear, so what's not to love? You can always change the tuners out to the tulips for a classic Hummingbird look and feel. Good luck.
  15. That sounds like a good way to go, Fil- even a lightly used Hummingbird (~2010->2012'ish) would fit the bill, and would already be sounding more opened up, and you'd be getting around the increased cost of a new guitar. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new, or newish, Hummingbird. . . they're a beautiful thing.
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