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  1. Funny to hear that Bhilwara was being used for railroad ties- in the same way that many homes were made with Brazilian rosewood before it became a prized tonewood? Interesting to hear Ren talk about the change of the lacquer formulation (t = 4:45) in what was to become the new thin finishes being offered.
  2. That just looks like a color variation in the wood. . . if anything, it gives the guitar some character. And happy new guitar day to you. Enjoy.
  3. Years ago, there was a link shared here on the forum where the proprietor of the shop had another vintage Gibson in for major repairs (similar condition, or worse)- can't remember the model, but it was an iconic flat top from the '30's or '40's. . . some here definitely went wide-eyed at the direction that the repairs went. 'Couldn't find it on a forum search, and on the shop's YT channel, it looks like they upload videos as much as they do repairs. Enjoyed the intern's enthusiasm- an endearing young lad who's already jumping in and tackling the big jobs. also- aren't Gibsons built with a bit of a "belly" - not perfectly flat, both top and back?
  4. So was the Edsel That is a very expensive player's grade instrument. Looks to be in very good (for vintage) condition, otherwise. Hopefully, the person who is it's next keeper will hold on to it for a long while, as the model already has a smaller market appeal than other vintage Gibsons, on top of the smaller segment of those interested in a refin vintage guitar.
  5. . . . or a minotaur. . . or a bunny. or maybe an art deco torch:
  6. doh. you’re right. ‘hard to see in the dark upper part of the burst, but yes, it looks like they’re putting the batwing pickguard on the Southern Jumbo Original. You said that the price seemed low to you- it could be a good deal, just make sure you have some kind of return policy if you’re not able to inspect the guitar in person.
  7. 'Just checking in to the Gibson Guitar Authentification site here: No "nibs" on the fretboard ends. Not a biggie, but curious. They know that they're building the King of the Flat tops when they're making on of these in Bozeman. Usually a better selection of pearl would be inlaid for the "torch" on the headstock. ⬆️ Then things should work out fairly well for you. Hmmm. . . then . . . hmmm. . . 🤔 ?
  8. 5-6 years ago, something else would have qualified as my "it" guitar. Probably even 3 years ago. What the ear wants to hear can, and hopefully, change with time. YMMV.
  9. Looks like a nice Gibson sunburst. Pickguard may have been changed.
  10. You certainly are qualified to vote- your experience puts you in the first selection, "I have (or have had) more Martin acoustic guitars than Gibson electric guitars". And thanks for echoing the impression that many here do have some nice Martins, and have "a healthy tolerance for the brand".
  11. I dunno. I guess what I was trying to suggest in the original post was that this is, by and large, an acoustic guitar forum, for people who like acoustic guitars. And if they like Gibson acoustics, they probably have Martins acoustics as well. I'm on my sixth Martin. If people have issues with their Gibsons, they post about it here. It makes sense. I really don't think of it as bashing. Maybe I need to be more sensitive to it.
  12. . . . But back to the Generation series- although the link in the OP is now showing a Safari security warning, a photo from that line is showing some serious break angle and tall saddle. Remembering the issue Gossmanster had with his new Hummingbird, and how a slightly overset neck with low action combined with a neck angle that changed in a matter of months, one might want to approach this Generation guitar with eyes wide open:
  13. Here's a pic of my WM-45. . . the earlier, satin nitro/matte-finished run. (my, what a large-ish bridge plate you have, but I love you anyway): Also- yes, the WM-185 does seem to be the Gibson acoustic unicorn. Failing coming across one of those, these WM-00 still hold some interest. Almost enough to roll the dice on another Japan eBay offering (crapped out once on the poorly described '185 TV). Does that look like a side crack on the lower bout? https://www.ebay.com/itm/185061355614?hash=item2b1684305e:g:8AYAAOSwphthSJMa
  14. Woof- 'bet you wish you held on to that '58 Tele- you could pay off the Zomby farm. 😄.
  15. It does beg the question: is the wood on the sides ("rim") the same as the thickness on a non-sound port guitar? A pic of the G-200 kerfing:
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