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  1. Yeah, koa seems to be the local flavor. So- do you think that count-off at the intro was used to piece it together? Who played it first? . . . Eddie (looking well & happy) is wearing the headphones. Is Mr Wade playing a J-45 Custom (rosewood)? I would get the stink-eye if ever tried to play like the other fellow- (what is that?. . . a Songwriter Cut O'way?), with all the M. Knopfler-like fills (using some facial FastFret @ 1:00).
  2. You'd most likely find that guitar would meet all of those expectations. How many Gibson body styles I've gone through looking for the focused bass response that a J-185 can do. It still surprises me. A guitar that doesn't really have a need for torrefication (at least they're making the 1952 J-185 V with a Sitka top). I'd also pass on an outrageous saddle break angle. Keep it sweet- and play it in the sweet spot. The recent model I'd like to spend some time with is the J-45 Studio Rosewood. I'd be happy to revisit Roseville- as mentioned in the thread posted about this guitar, 'just curious if the slightly shallower J-45 body would shift the EQ more strongly into the mids, and the guitar might pick up some punchiness. The comfort of that slimmer body would be welcome, too.
  3. You got Gibsoned? Sorry 'bout that- it happens sometimes. Did the action come in too high, or _ ? What direction were you looking to go with the height, does the guitar have a tall saddle, and have you put a straight edge on the fretboard to see where it contacts the bridge? It would be good if you could get some string height measurements. And- is it terribly humid this time of year in Katmandu? That could puff up the top (although it is common enough to ship 'em high).
  4. I'd rather be (have) a short-scale Hummingbird Rosewood than a long-scale Sparrow if I could Yes I would, if I could, I surely would Oh, that pickguard
  5. Some of the coolest pickguards. . . perfect for that guitar. So Norm sings? And writes? By what's said in the clip, he clearly has access to some of the best studios in LA, so maybe the intention of this video was just as much about staying in contact, giving thanks for the patronage, and getting some attention for the charity he's involved with, as much as it's about featuring a cool guitar. Although Zombywoof observes that whatever guitar he's playing, he still sounds like himself, archtops do seem to be guitars that really want to be played in a certain style to bring out what they can do. Norm's just doing some very casual playing, mostly catching those strings with the meaty part of the fingers- I'm sure when he takes this song into the studio, it will come alive. another mystery, Em ? Who's 80 (besides this guitar)? Cliff?
  6. . . . the more comfy body depth might push the rosewood tone out, and it might also push the EQ more strongly to the mids. "Just curious". It passed the test where it made me go to a better playback method (headphones/studio monitors). From the it's the singer, not the song dept, Sam Hunter making this J-45 Rosie do an archtop jazz box impression: It sure is red, though.
  7. Imgur.com , and you won't have to deal with file size restrictions here. . . at all. Once you register there (free), & upload, you can directly embed a photo here by clicking on (blue "copy" button) the "BBCode" button, and pasting that onto your post here.
  8. Nice super jumbo samples, fellas. And good to see picks not required.
  9. Good to hear that you've got a sound in your head & know what you want to hear. However, I had that. . . then I ran into the 'hog Banner. So keep your ears open, and your head on a swivel- you never know what you might hear. Scary, "need to be w_" # 1, and equally scary, #2, the sax/ trumpet analogy. But I don't understand wind instruments. The other, "make sure this stuff is sorted" info is good to do, before discounting the '200.
  10. There was a while when I was on a major rosewood jag- all about heavy listening to what rosewood brought to the table- 'had two J-45 rosewoods at the same time, and at the same time as other J-45's, and the deep-bodied Stage Deluxe rosewood, as well as another short scale rosewood slope from another builder. Then I was done. Done surfing on those rosewood overtones. Although the Hummingbird Rosewood is a special case, and isn't going anywhere, 'now just liking the honesty of mahogany, and the clean and raw simplicity of maple.
  11. Jinder's experiences and impressions of the J-45 Rosewood might not match mine, but hard to differ with what he says above- you already have one helluva guitar, Trem, but if you're still curious, I've always found Tony Polecastro's demo of the J-45 Std & Rosewood to show hearable differences between the two. . . (& I won't say what I'm hearing) especially in the video's last minute: (also- does one guitar have considerably more string break?):
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