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  1. Is that a Rumble Seat Music guitar?
  2. True. . . is the '53 a reissue? Condition too nice for a 70 year old. 6 or 7 years ago, I might not've even looked at a natural demo ! JT's LG-1 demos- interesting to hear the difference in the arpeggiated chord at ~2:30 and just before the 4 min mark.
  3. Sorry, Sgt Pepper if you’re looking to find insults from Emin7, you’re looking in the wrong place. Maybe there’s an argument forum with an insult sub-forum somewhere. Emin7 might seem to be very good for an English-as a-second -language person, but combine that with a proclivity for mystery, and things can be misinterpreted. and what does ATMP stand for?
  4. I’m sure it was meant for all, BR- it’s just that I was teasing Dave on his NGD thread- how often NGDs are shared on the forum, and all we get are the pics. thx, Dave
  5. Wow- 'had to have a second cup and take a listen through the studio monitors. . . for playing with a pick, he was able to get some warm (the jazz chord) tones out of that long scale maple. The super low action you'd mentioned is actually hearable on the recording, if not for that, I'd look at the nut or saddle. But I've found that low string height does seem to be one of the ways to sweeten the maple sound, and even though the Dove's sounding really good, maybe Rick is hearing some of that, along with 80/20's that haven't been on there too long (?). Lotsa good sound to be had in that one- the first we've heard of your . . . herd😉. Thanks for putting that up
  6. With well over 200 views, this is another thread that would've made for a good poll question. OP deanc- already with an oldie, the '68 J-50, . . . is there a particular reason you are focused on wanting the '68 over the 2007 Dove? If you've been watching the forum for Dove content, maybe you'd seen the video that Juan Carlos put up. . . really captures a sweet ngd; There are many reasons people seek out old guitars. . . sometimes it's not just about the sound- personally, even though a vintage guitar might be more valuable, I find it to be less stress because the wood and the finish are already fairly stabilized, and with the wear it's collected, it's days of it's first dings, dents, and scratches are several decades passed. Some romanticize the idea of an old guitar, some buy old merely for some status-seeking reasons, and some because of the generalization that vintage is thought to sound better. Good luck with your decision, my vote would be for the 2007- you won't have to wonder if it's a '68, or a '69.
  7. Interesting. There are 3 sets here, also from case-candy, but they are Gibson Masterbuilt Premium phos-bronze. Also- they are all 12-53's. Looking at GHS' website, their lights are gauged 11-54. So either, Gibson strings not GHS, or a special order for Gibson, or a gauge not currently in production?
  8. The sticky nitro neck syndrome on new guitars is something I've never experienced on any of the new Gibsons I've ever bought. And no newbie guitar has certainly ever served me up some, uh. . . black grease cakes. But as I like an easy glide on the guitar neck, I've always reduced the friction on the neck with Virt. polish. Finish on the neck ain't wearing down that way, either. And I know we're supposed to say nitrocellulose lacquer never finishes curing, but those finishes on 70 year old instruments. . . stick a fork in them- they are DONE. Nitro becomes brittle with age- it was prone to chipping. Auto makers were glad to switch to more modern finishes, but it's that same hardness that plays a part in giving old guitars their rattle and clarity.
  9. Ever notice the same photos being used on eBay for different listings with different sellers? Nothing new, right? This unusual one just came up: There is a similar listing, same photos, also from Japan, for ~ $1000 more. I found my J-185 TV Natural finish listed this same way. The shop's logo overlaid on the photo made it difficult to see the cut of the nut- the seller was messaged for a closeup, which was never responded to. Days went by, finally, I contacted the shop directly, whose website claimed "we do not advertise on eBay" and ~"if you see one of our listings there, it is fraudulent..Contact us directly through our website" Could a shadow account and a disclaimer such as this be used to avoid eBay seller fees? And once again, that eBay listing was also well above price shown on the actual seller's website. Either way, if not for that listing, I would've never found that 2007 natural-finished J-185 TV, which is fairly uncommon. Hmmm... In researching buying a guitar from Japan, there were many reports of people advertising guitars that they did not have, and if they could sell it (for a profit), they would then go and buy the guitar from the shop that actually had the guitar. Another added advantage to play before you pay. Or at least asking for additional photos. The only other photo found of the curious Dove-ish J-180 Ebony and Everly, out in natural light:
  10. Amazing offerings- looks like Gibson is all in with the torrefied tops. And 'can't believe they're offering the J-55, the specs of which makes it look like a unique version of a mahogany AJ. Bold moves, Big G
  11. Replying on the Uneven Neck Finish J-45 thread, and having a look at the pic in Sal's LoveG2 post, reminded me of what happened when the same D'Addario mini tuner was left on Rosie, the HB-Rosewood:
  12. Oh, dear, now you've gone & done it- your words will conjure the Zombywoof for sure. . . he'd no doubt want to remind us that nitrocellulose lacquer never really finishes curing, even though we all know what you mean to ask is how long does it take for the finish to be less reactive to things such as. . . - guitar stands -tuners left on headstocks -the sheets of bubble wrap sometimes used to pack guitars in cases Well, "the ants are my friends", and they tell me that there is no definitive answer. Too many variables- 6 months? a year? To be safe, best just to avoid things that can react with the finish. A good number of posts on this thread since OP Fenderbender checked in. And in that OP, he mentioned the dimple in question being around the 3rd fret. I just dug out one of those taller guitar stands (the type voted most likely to tip over)- the contact area is around the 10th/11th fret, not the 3rd. And a wall mounted hanger would be around the nut, or points north. So maybe not a guitar stand reaction. A capo, perhaps? Nick started to mention the nature of working with mahogany- his post looked like he meant to use the word "soft", but forgot to type it in(?). But he, and OP 'bender wondered if it could also have been in the wood itself. After a long time wishing G would make a 12 fret J-45, and trying their deep-bodied guitars that circled around that idea, I finally got to try a few J-45 12 frets. . . ironic that the best sounding one had the most finish issues. Wanting to love it, and make it work irregardless, it's still confounding- thin finishes might allow for better sound, but don't be put off if that finish shows areas where it's sinking into the beautiful tricolor bursted top. And some other bits of "character"- like this curious spot located (conveniently) on the waist of the lower bout, where a set of keys in a pocket could've caused it when still fresh out of the oven, or maybe it was it the wood, all along. EDIT: In looking at this photo- another possibility- how about damage from a wood boring insect? Either way, I can't see it from my window: If there is a rough edge that the OP feels is distracting while playing, and he hasn't got his head right to see it as a happy place to rest a thumb/finger while playing, then maybe he could find the StewMac vid on YouTube where Dan E demonstrates the drop fill technique, bring the area up to level, as opposed to risk sanding down the edge.
  13. Right on all counts- a style of playing that would normally sound better on a larger guitar. . . did they overdub the sound of a jumbo on there? 😯 Really sounds good. The appearance of some torrefied tops has been the source of a good deal of back channel discussion- during my J-185 search, some J-185V's were found with tops that looked downright vulcanized. A finish such as that could cover a multitude of sins, much in the way that car manufacturers used to send cars down the line with a heavy orange peel paint job.
  14. Yes, this seems to be just as much about the new neck joint and the laminate, err. . . I mean, veneer sides AND back. and what guitar doesn't sound sweet with capo5. . . or "interesting" when tuned down. Guitar makers do have to try new things, though. The traditional models are still their bread n' butter (although the 000-28VS is custom order-only now).
  15. 62burst


    Gorgeous. Tall task to do photos without natural light, but those first two pics are lush. And to what JoeM said, yes, on the narrow side, but more depth to the neck profile. .020 high E and you're thinking too much relief? If it's that low without buzzes now, I'd be afraid to touch a thing. Looks great- too bad we'll never hear it! Enjoy your NDWkEnd. . . 'guess winter weather is no match for g.a.s. 🙂 EDIT: also, that detail dove inlay on the bridge looks so much nicer than the standard inlay
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