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  1. Nice. And I think we can all relate. As one who's had a close call with fire, it's amazing how fast it can go from oops to heartbreak. Just glad you and yours are safe. Doubtful that you ever struggle with anxiety on stage, but if you do, just bring that beautiful guitar- it will capture all eyes. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Oh, yes- happy belated 75 to Eric yesterday. Well, that was certainly a pleasant do by the two heavyweights. Eric on blues autopilot, and Pete, holding his guitar classical-style in a non-guitar friendly armchair, graciously letting Eric get them through some sort of obligatory(?) guitar performance. Looking at where the two were at in '89: Pete having released his steely The Iron Man, and Clapton with Journeyman, and 2 or 3 years before the groundbreaking Unplugged album.
  3. No, it's not just you. That guitar might be in need of an exorcism.
  4. Hmmm. . . . . . what was the question?
  5. Nice to change it up with some playing like that. 17:20 is not terribly song-y, just musical.
  6. It would be nice if OP Paul H would upload and embed/post the photo directly here on the page. Recommend imgur.com. Sorry, but with all sorts of concerns about infections lately, not likely to click on a blind Nigerian domain link from a person with one (at the time) post.
  7. True, for the length of it, it did seem to be more of a general, “Reader’s Digest” overview of the Hummingbird. Bear in mind, with 294K subscribers, and some of his videos with between 1 and 2 million views, we have to keep in mind who his target audience might be- maybe “Hummingbird: an introduction”, would be a more appropriate title. Buried amidst an hour or more of words, didn’t he mention something about it being Hummingbird week? If so, he might delve deeper. And I thought I heard him mention the Epi Frontier in his Hummingbird-like guitars list, if not as the ‘Bird’s forefather(?). If he didn’t seem to want his Acoustic Life brand to be the go-to place for acoustic guitar’ing, a fair guess would be that he would love to be a candidate for Mark Agnesi’s new position at Gibson. (?)
  8. I'm finished my one hour Hummingbird homework assignment. Even though it was much preaching to the converted, no better time for a topic of warm Hummingbird diversion. The NAMM show clip (15:07) showing the Doves In Flight 'guard engraving highlights one more aspect of the human element of making these guitars, but the forum's SirNed will be happy to see his grandfather's contribution (18:00), and Tony suggests the Dove guard might be Hartford's work, as well. Good of Tony to introduce more folks to Blackberry Smoke's acoustic tunes, though I'm sure their look & vibe already got that party started for him. I personally thank this forum's crazy person Holiday Hoser for submitting his crew's send up months ago of B. Smoke's One Horse Town for giving me a great Hummingbird song to do. The Hummingbird-like section cued more people into the seldom seen D-18 Short Scale. Gotta admit that one had me curious for a while how a Martin with those specs would sound, but in the end, 'knew there could only be one Bird. Thanks for the assignment- good to be away in Hummingbirdland for a little while.
  9. "Experts". That's funny. Ah, yes- the Heritage bridge. . . they did that back then. A fairly large placard of rosewood. Someone else can give the "play before pay" caution for guitars from that era, but whoever combined that quilt maple center piece on the back was having a fun day at work:
  10. Hi Flatty- good of you to swing by- with your having more than 370 videos posted up at YouTube, figured you must be busy elsewhere. 'Still enjoy the natural room sounds on your recordings. . . and appreciate the capo5 info for those of us who have fallen in with a bad uke crowd. Did so last week, before the place got closed before the impending health emergency. Easy enough to fake it with the concert uke when amongst guitars, but with serious ukers, a different story. Stay well.
  11. Reckon so. . . the video is from his channel. And- the mahogany 15 line is known for their warm tone, but thought they were meant to be econo, so surprised to see the cut diamond fretboard inlay.
  12. I only clicked to see what might cause a need for brain disinfection.
  13. You sure those strings in photo 1 weren't brought up from the Titanic? Humidity was obviously well maintained during dormancy. It's always a struggle to not just start playing, when I should be getting to the chore of changing strings or more involved tasks, but in the case of your L-00, an exception would most likely be made. Nice little luth tool you've made for holding the saddle. If trying to get the radius without that method, if one was to put the straight edge down the fretboard to the new saddle, making pencil marks at the saddle contact points, would a changing fretboard radius from nut to fretboard extension result in an incorrect line scribed on the new saddle?
  14. "I hope you are all playing" Consider taking your own suggestion, if you will. At home, in your comfy guitar bunker. "bought stock this morning"? Sal must be a buy low, sell high kind of guy. . . the opposite of my guitar buying strategy- "buy high, sell low". Stay well, all.
  15. The Nick Lucas is such an interesting combination- small body, tight waist, deep body, and maple- what's the guitar telling you what would sound good on it? Personally, I've found the design of the J-185 with it's maple, is a crisp enough sound- no need for 80/20's, let alone any need for a Tonerite.
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