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  1. The thing does have some serious J-45 Jangle going on. Just one of the many flavors that a J-45 can turn out, even though things like a low setup, going from heavier to lighter strings, or the need for a neck set on the horizon can also yield the same effect. The saddle does look a bit on the low side, and going into t = 1:19 on the clip, it does sound low - a fun place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. So Nick- are you saying that the pickguard pattern looks to be only a few slices of tortoloid away from the one that's on yours?
  2. Quite the contrast from Tamio Okuda, and his being commemorated with the recent run of Tamio Okuda J-45 customs. Such a broad range of sounds Yeats has brought out of the humble J-45 here, both old and new. The ears almost deceive the eyes. Re: the Love Me Tender clip switching to the old guitar @ t = 3:33 - hey, who turned up the reverb/presence? Thanks for sharing, Juan Carlos
  3. The 'guard wear did look to be unusually consistent across it's span- Regarding where the player spends their time with their pick hand, it's always interesting to see where the wear occurs. Unfortunately, on Hummingbirds, the bird begins to disappear before the butterfly.
  4. . . . where some careless breeze left it long ago (last night). So close: 'almost made it to the place where spiders go to die. Horizontal storage, ready to go, is fine. In cases on the floor, on the sofa, etc, is fine too- but won't yield the fresh air & light if looking to help age the top. and/or strings. (80/20's on maple?) Good to see the f'bird getting enough play to wear down the panzer paint.
  5. Despite the light look to the deeper sides on this one, looks like the Roy Smeck Radio Grande, which added the classic Smeck inlays, after the earlier run of Stage DeLuxe Rosewood 12 fret models . With guitars like these hanging out, a flight delay might be an easier thing to abide.
  6. Juan Carlos- Yes, that's a nice 'burst. . . in the 2nd video you put up, it looks like a dark Honey burst, but the first clip. . . Burnt Umberburst? Scriv- yes, doubtful his guitars fall asleep. Definite opportunity there in a guitar wake-up service. Yes, Slim- looks like Japan has been very good for Gibson. L. McCoy- as a maple person, it's easy for you to hear "fantastic" when you hear the "report" he's getting out of that guitar as he does his unique thing. D. Dan- It did look like that headstock was tapered. Cameleye- maybe the J-45 Vintage or Legend model might
  7. What first caught my eye on this old J-45 was the 'burst- how it has almost red-shifted to where it looks like one finished in another era. . . the forum's Lars68 has a beautiful '42 with a reddish tone, but the darker, outer area of the burst is wider. The darkening of the wear marks in the general area of the top is something often seen on oversprayed vintage guitars, and although factory sunbursts done in this era can have more of a tobacco burst, an overspray might've reacted with the brown->black area of the burst, allowing the red to show through. Looks cool, but it does devalue thing
  8. You've been playing for about 6 months, and you can tell the difference between a phos/bronze and an 80/20 guitar string? Say, you do move fast. At 6 months in, I was using sticks and broken golf tees as bridge pins. D'Addario makes a mini tuner that is easily forgotten on the headstock, and is small enough to not be seen when putting the guitar back in the case, especially when the display is mounted to be on the back of the headstock, only visible to the player. So there it stayed, for a week or 2. Then I found it. And this: . . . The "D" shaped marks over the letters "s" and
  9. Nice. And- imagine- hearing some GIBSON content around here(?) ‘Sounds like “Franken” is growing together quite nicely. . . perfectly matched to the material,too. Vocals suggest some real comfort with the Jerry Jeff and Gord songs- also a good match. Happy birthday, and many more to your father.
  10. there does seem to be a trend: some people just don't get it: . . . and how dare different people appreciate other aspects of guitars as well as merely how they sound: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/hypocrite
  11. Sorry you decided to take it that way, BK. Gee, I put a happy face on there, and everything.
  12. Apologies- not feeling terribly poetic & didn't mean to make world and eyes spin, 'just conscious of OP CJB's happy announcement on finding his guitar, an all-mahogany one at that, and maybe sensing just a little bit of irony at the idea of playing authentic blues on a fancy custom built guitar. It is a looker, though. 🙂.
  13. Same here. But I would need to hit the lottery.
  14. You just had to ask him, didn't you? 😀. Well, BK got lucky on the composition of the 4th photo down in the panel- the plant reflections on the guitar's back- très dramatique! and in The States, the hang tag on the case. . . we'd call that the Minnie Pearl treatment (no offense- I've done that to a Martin) Maybe so, but it's the most honest of tonewoods.
  15. Good one, Lars. . . creates quite the image, and might make more sense (😧?) to those not into American sports. It's going to take some effort now to keep from typing a T instead of an S when replying to the big guy's posts. 🙂
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