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  1. Actually, the latest edition of Troll World magazine says that both versions constitute an acceptable motto. If you have to have a motto. ps- there’s “valid”, then there’s the fact that people who come here simply like guitars, & ... “ we were all having a pretty good time“
  2. That's strange- 5/16" is considered to be the right size. I use an 8mm socket. fyi: 5/16" converts to 7.9375mm. One thing, though- the wall of the socket you're using might be too much for the snug quarters where the tr adj nut resides.
  3. Looks like the NL Elite models were 14 fret guitars? Throughout the years of their production, they could be found with maple, rosewood, koa, and there are some Bozeman Nicks with mahogany, but not sure if they made their way onto an Elite. And. . . could the 'Woof be getting a little more open to the influence of back & side wood on the overall tone of guitar? 😀. Were the 12 fret NL's the round bottomed (like the Robert Johnson guitar) ones? Never mind, just saw the L-00 style Nick in Dave's photo. Apparently Gibson has been making the Nick Lucas Elite for several years, even before this thread on the forum:
  4. Angelou- we can both consider that as an endorsement. 'Suppose I can stand down on the CJ165 GAS unless I trip over one. A mahogany version of a NL would be a very interesting thing to try. put your search into eBay and Reverb's saved searches and be patient- you never know what will appear.
  5. Sorry, Angelou- there just don't seem to be a lot of them out there. I've been getting curious about which guitar might be more comfy and toneful- an L-00 shape with a deep body, like the Nick Lucas, or the (slightly smaller than the J-185) CJ-165, which came in maple, rosewood, and (Dave?) koa. It is a concern that some day this pandemic thing will be past us, and many of the bigger guitars that get played out, are gone/moved on. But until then, the intimacy of the small couch guitar rules the roost.
  6. And I thought you were just going to tell SB about Virtuoso polish. The stuff does seem to work so well with Gibson nitro finishes. That should take care of some of the new guitar stickiness that some report on the back of new Gibson guitar necks. Of all the new ones I’ve brought home, never experienced that, because a little time spent with the Virtuoso polish is one of the getting-to-know-you things done when warming up to a new guitar. 40Yrs- also good to caution a nitro newbie about insect repellent and n. lacquer finishes. And as always… pics or didn’t happen! congrats/enjoy
  7. Yes, congrats, indeed. You've almost got a yin-yang thing going on there atop the bed. Get comfortable with the two and give us a report. As it was a concern, hopefully the neck profile is going to work for you. And of course, you can always post a clip. . . or a comparo strum of the '50 and the Walnut. Enjoy your upcoming NGD weekend.
  8. Yeah, I was afraid that all this talk of setups, lower action, for 4/64, etc would only end up going off into the weeds, and just end up overwhelming OP Schnebbles. Some people are not that critical of string action height. I am one of those people. I do, however, suit the action height to the intended use of the guitar. Of the many Gibsons I have or had, NEVER did one absolutely need a setup after getting it home. Especially the model that the luthiers at Gibson take care the most in assembling, the top of their line, the SJ-200.
  9. It's no great surprise that there aren't a lot of recordings of the J-160e unplugged. There is a YouTube clip of Mark A, formerly of Norm's, banging out a quick strum to emphasize why the ladder-braced '160 is no match for the J-45 until it gets directly plugged in to an amp, but it would be nice to find a "here's what is sounds like unplugged and just mic'ed".
  10. Dear RBSinTo- Nothing to prove, no agenda. It's just that there are some who just like guitars, and get into listening closely to them. And the mystery is fun, too.
  11. That is a very cool bit of tape. Such close mic'ing, vocals clear and out front in the mix. And I always thought John's Rock n' Roll voice was his strong suit, but this "rehearsal" clip shows an incredible control of his vocals. Nice, raw, unworked-over by the knobs on the mixing board. As to 4:22- I played those last few seconds over and over several times, with different playback devices, and it sounds like "everything's George's Gibson". The "v" sound in everything is not the clearest, but the tape seems to have dropouts on the control room end of the dialogue. Also not familiar with that person's (.. sure that it's George M speaking?) speaking voice. Maybe a fellow Brit could have a better idea. Really enjoyed hearing that recording, though.
  12. Could be the shorter scaled J-160E. . . Or- were they messing around with capos back then? If so, the Martin could've been used. Only the two Georges, and/or the other lads might've known. Also- as you've suggested, turned knobs at the mixing desk might've eradicated the original essence of the guitar used in the recording. Then. . . there's the use of double tracking, '60's analog-style. Best to just sit back n' enjoy. Btw- on day one of this thread, in my haste (or grogginess) the Martin option was accidentally voted for, so adjust accordingly.
  13. That's a lot of stones. To all others, if it was meant to be. . . then go with the flow (Little Jimmy Dickens): Guth- that is your maple AJ in one of my favorite guitar pics (from pg 1 of this thread. . . on a pool table ?):
  14. That should be a hard-listening situation. Maybe wear earplugs for the day before the comparo. Be sure to report back. "Of course" 😀.
  15. For those looking to have guitars in transit during weather extremes, keep in mind that air shipment is always an option. The J-185 that was shipped from Japan was here in . . . 15 hours. Just for kicks, maybe see what the upcharge would be for FedEx Express shipping. Congrats, MoPick- 'thought you'd mentioned something recently about gassing for a '200. Can't wait to see &/or hear yours.
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