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  1. Really. The video captures the joy of the ngd. Happy for him. A perfect match. Some wonderful sounds, as well. Thanks for the find and share, Juan Carlos.
  2. They're all individuals, and there are so many other things that can make one sound different than the other. When looking at an old guitar, a crack or damage repair to the back and sides is less likely to concern me, as long as the top/soundboard is in good shape, since what's going on at the top (or on it's underside) has a larger effect on how the guitar sounds. Good job getting those photos- both guitars unstrung. Did you get a chance to have a look at the top bracing? Is there a difference in the string action/height at the 12 fret? Neck angle, and also string break over the saddle (and saddle height differences) might be other things to look at.
  3. Saw the look-now-before-it's-gone clip earlier, but only got a chance to comment just now. . . Well, there's one Sal guitar that's most likely not going anywhere. Happy Thanksgiving
  4. 62burst


    'Just picked up the J-45 & compared Marcel's wear to where keys in the right pocket might rub into the finish. . . it is more towards the back than the front (EDIT: which looks fairly close to where it is in the OP photo). And- yes, there was some marketing copy for one of the new Gibson models touting a thinner finish for a better sounding guitar. And why cover the grain of a guitar with beautiful grain with a heavy stain? This can also happen: http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Musician/Guitar/Maintenance/KeyCrack/keycrack.html
  5. Would a Dove made by anyone other than Gibson still be a Dove? they still had a good time jamming
  6. Totally understandable that Sam Bush would have a lot to say about the rules of Bluegrass with his playing- looks like he’s having too much fun, excessive body movement, and not terribly stoic. Did not Mr tpbiii once compile a BG rule book of some sort at one time?
  7. Would a Dove made of anything other than maple still be a Dove? Richard Smith is no doubt a player of much talent, and while personally while I'm not a fan of seeing how many notes can be jammed into a measure, the clip shows why Tommy E would get the "plays well with others" remark on his jam report card- he's not just having a one-way musical conversation, but rather, he's keeping an eye on, and engaging the other player(s). 'Love how, at 3:19, he pointed to Richard's guitar when TE found the bridge that Richard was playing amidst the flurry of notes.
  8. Very good. And well done getting photos of the inside- always a bit of a challenge, balancing light, camera (or phone), and hands, to frame a pic that makes sense. Maybe the nature of a Taylor guitar might not make the installation of the PlateMate as noticeable- maybe your next subject will allow that. Btw- that is not terrible wear to really call for the PlateMate- and even if it were, there are options now that do not require the complete replacement of the bridge plate, as was once the usual fix. Let us know what you hear when the Gibson gets it's turn.
  9. This has been recounted before on this forum, but it is good to be able to have it replayed here again, as a log of Gibson's ever-changing story. where can you decipher the ledger as the LG as being a return? I can't make out the word in the second line after the date. thx
  10. Sal is not the only one who can say the same say from one year to the next- mine is almost word-for-word in this 2018 thread. Even though they are talking about classical guitars in this link shared by J45Nick in the hybrid picking thread https://www.thisisclassicalguitar.com/cedar-vs-spruce-tops-classical-guitar/, there are some good contributions by forum members here on the Gib forum that line up with much of what the nylon strung/non cross-braced guitar builders and players say about cedar vs spruce topped guitars.
  11. Well, I was on my way to YouTube for another Saturday morning selection, but I'll certainly recharge with some '52 VBL on the way. Also- there's the cedar top being discussed on the forum earlier in the week, in this case on Richard's Lowden L32C. Lowden only describes the top on the Richard Thompson sig model as "AAAA cedar". Note the pinless bridge
  12. An affordable, and reversible-enough experiment. And the comparo can be done quickly with the same set of strings simply by partially detuning the guitar, putting on the capo, and tuning down enough to get the pins out (preferably from inside-out). A good way to get some volume out of a quiet guitar, but you will also hear an increased brassiness to the sound. Check back in if/when you give the PlateMate a try. Maybe an a/b sound clip?
  13. Or. . . stick a fingernail into it. . . under the top/ on the inside, that is. It (cedar) is such a soft wood. ‘Bet the color on the inside of that old suspected guitar top has oranged-out a bit if they did use cedar for the re-top. Grab us a pic. Cedar would probably make a very interesting J-45.
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