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  1. The Sparrow reminds me of the J60 that Gibson made. I wonder if its the same specs. You do post some interesting guitars.
  2. yup. It was in the Cremona series archtops from the 30s. I owned a Clipper with the airplane engraved guard and one very similar to this guard. , I got both of those from collector out of Post Falls Idaho . They were pretty cool.
  3. I owned a Harmony that had a pickguard like that.
  4. There probably the same. Its just the marketing name that sets those apart. A J45 is a J45.
  5. I would plug it into a amp and see if it works. If it doesnt work then it requires a internal power supply. Then you know what it will require.
  6. For a 63 year. I dont think preamps or a battery box existed. Have you tried plugging in the guitar?
  7. That is a cool guitar. Great find.
  8. All the clears they use have a yellow tint , even the Mohawk clear I use. Over time between the resins in the wood and the clear. You will see the cast of yellow get darker.
  9. J100s are good guitars. Owned a few over the years.
  10. I an bad for having a large collection. At one point I was buying everything in sight. It has slowed down on the buying. Now its been weeding out what I dont like. we will see where that goes.
  11. I did something similar to a New D45 I owned. So your not alone.
  12. Not a bad looking guitar. Nick Lucas inlays.
  13. Not a bad looking guitar. Looks decent as well.
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