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  1. Hey Jinder , is yours a Ice Tea burst on the back , top and sides? Mine also had birdseye maple neck as well. Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam ended up with it. It was a cool guitar. But the Brazilians were a must have at the time.
  2. I had a Birdseye AJ 93 Custom shop like that as well. Ren and John had mentioned the neck was tilted back as well to get the maximum volume out of it . Good thing they put fine thread screws on the bridge to keep it in the Top
  3. Sounds to me it could use a good set up. And check for a high fret
  4. You order a Guitar off there catalog. And pay the extras for your custom needs but it wont be a actual custom shop guitar . Its off the assembly line with added features.
  5. slimt

    1957 J-50

    From what Ive seen out there. You might be in the ball park. Hope things get better for you.
  6. where are you????

  7. As Hoser said. Thats the way there done.
  8. Some shops have no morals.
  9. Agreed. The only thing is if its a new guitar would the store be putting cheaper inferior parts in place and keeping the good ones to sell at a nother profit. 50.00 epi tailpiece verses a 150 gibson tail piece. Not the first time Ive read or seen it either. Be nice to know if its a new guitar or used.
  10. I just tryied one out today. A G45. Not what I was expecting at all. I guess for the money. It was okay
  11. Sounds familiar. I had a 42 Authentic D28 new from the store that came completely unglued top from the sides, sides from the back. All the binding was lifting as well. Bracing was all loose. , Not even 4 months of owning. They sent it to a Martin repair for warranty ,until I Was told they completely refinished the guitar. I told them to keep the guitar. Refund the purchase. New a 6800.00 guitar , refined 2000 ish if that
  12. Ive found most Brazilian guitars of the Vintage era.. have been safe.. at least for me anyways.. but that new law that went into effect on Indian Rosewoods and so on.. screwed up alot of manufactures and just trading accross borders in general... hopefully it will work out for everyone soon..
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