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  1. These guitars are set up to specs of neck angle and bridge height. Then strung and setup and documented on the final sheet.
  2. You talking the inspection sheet prior to shipping? If it is. Thats the way its setup. After you buy the guitar. The dealer usually sets it up to your preference. .
  3. As Dave says. I own a 56 J50e.mine is a solid top. Same guitar. Just a different stamping. Now with the 160e. Some of those were laminated tops. If not all. there a decent guitar.
  4. If Im not mistakin. Gibson bought Dobro in the 90s. I just seen the post. Its not a vintage piece. So viewing here by folks may not be to helpful for you. Its a single cone model. Alot like a style 0 model. Gibson customer service might know more.
  5. I gave it back to Martin after I found out the Martin Warranty repair krazy glued all the areas and refinished the whole body. Apparently Martin did not use enough Hyde glue. My guess trying to keep it clean on the inside. Or not liquid (hot)enough to seep in to the wood properly. ( Ive read how sloppy hyde glue is on the insides , sometimes being sloppy is a good thing knowing theres product holding a guitar together) The 28 Im sure slipped through the cracks on final inspection. I own a few prewar Original Martins , I dont think anyone was concerned about over
  6. slimt

    New old L-00

    I see white thats yellowed over the years.
  7. Funny you should say that. About the glue. I had bought a brand new 41 Authentic D28 some time ago. About 7 months into owning it. I could feel raised edges from binding to wood. especially at the end pin butt area. The whole body was separating. .
  8. If they repair it properly. Which there is no reason why they wouldnt. It will be fine. Theyll pop the bridge. Clean up the area. And install a new one. Im guessing it was Hyde glue from the factory . Ask if it will be replaced with the same. Also if the bridge lifted. Make sure the bridge plates okay. As for the sound of your guitar. I dont think it will hurt it. They might dial it in better.
  9. Only till they cross the border. But I think theres No taxes in Montana .
  10. That would be pre 1910 as the label changed in mid 1910. Also your has the non script peghead. I see the tailpiece celluloid is falling apart. Becareful with string tension. You should find a good luthier to repair those cracks. No refinish. The back and sides are birch. Top is wide grain spruce. I like it. There functional. And fun to play.
  11. Thats a way to welcome guests. Nice.
  12. Thats the way to break it in. They got some Nice guitars built for that end of the planet.
  13. To be honest. Your SJ200 with minor issues is just a better guitar. The J150 NG is a overpriced No frills guitar. the guy is a guitar player from a band . not sure what makes it better than a standard model with the additional $$$ attached .
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