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  1. I think the Everly J180 suited the Everlys voices. It may of not been there choice of guitar. But it worked well for the two of them.
  2. Popular entertainer warrants excellent prices on goods. Well done.
  3. Mine was a burst very similar to yours. Odd yours would be the only documented one. You know your Gibson well. I was always under the impression j35s were blonde. trojans were burst. That was the info I recieved at king of Prussia burnetts guitat show.
  4. Is it In nice condition. ? Look at Gruhns, Elderly Or even gbase or reverb. It will give a idea. I had one 10 years ago. Got 15. And it was a decent guitar.
  5. That would of been the painters first and last one done.
  6. Is there any type of books that refer this as being a Gibson product ? Also. Those style of screw on guards were used by Harmony and Stella. I have a Stella with the same guard.
  7. The Elvis model Gibson looks like a Andy Warhol design. Just the lines say Warhol.
  8. I think I will look after mine as I always have. Its dry here in the winter. Summer its both. They each have there own tubes or pads and get attended to every 3 weeks. Im not a expert in trees but I have alot invested in Guitars. And thats where it stays as looking after my instruments. As for the video. His opinion is just his.
  9. I bought my first J100 extra with the only gibson good enough in 91. As the same for the J45s . I believe in 92 some of the specials had that logo in pearl. The j35s that were discontinued had that as well. Most of the early 90s Gibson acoustics were showing those cracks down the side of the board on the top. Not sure why.
  10. Hi , label is wrong. It is a early 90s J100. There a pretty good guitar.
  11. If you like your guitar to stay in the new. Wipe it down after you have played it. I use a damp towel with water and dry it off after. Polishes are okay. But some have waxes or silicones that maybe will hinder any types of top repairs in the future.
  12. That guitar looks off for some reason.
  13. They have so many model designations its some times hard to decipher any of those.
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