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  1. I think your best place to find a Nick Lucas would be gbase or reverb. Theres alot of vintage guitar folks on here that would probably say the same. As for new Nick Lucas guitars. There still out there in maple. Good luck finding a custom shop rosewood. There far and few.
  2. I agree. The back bracing is not a critical for tone but helps in the flow of the tone from the top bracing which is really important. Those back bracings are hand cut then put on a big disk sander for making sure the underside has a proper crown for glueing on the backs as are the top bracings. One employee may spend time finessing the scallops while another might just rush those through without so much detail. The only CNC parts are cutting tops , backs , multiple necks at one time. , fingerboards , and the fingerboard cuts for the frets . Im sure lots has changed since the last time I was there.
  3. Nice looking Gibson. Army and Navy Gibson were very much the same. A lower end Gibson for the day. But very cool.
  4. Over the past few years they have slipped up on quality. Why do you think they went through a management change?
  5. They dont save any guitar that does not pass tbe grade. The acoustic division cuts up alot , they dont want to put in there eyes a flawed product. When I was at Bozeman in 91. They had boxes and boxes of headstocks with serial numbers attached . They saved all of those to account for there inventory. Bodies sawed in quarters and tossed. Like those Firebirds of recent. They were a flop from the get go. Destroy all and no resale issues. I think thats what I liked about Gibson. Save the quality as best as they can.
  6. I had a 1991. Rosewood SJ It was a great guitar. Sold it to fund a Brazilian Sj.
  7. Thats a 70s double x. I had a dark burst dove just like that with the 3 piece back. I never thought I would see another just like it. Im guessing they tryied to salvage all the scrap wood they could find for those backs.
  8. Thats different. Nice color to the theme as well.
  9. I wanted a replacement guard for a J200 because the original was worn out. Well turns out only a dealer can see if one can be had as long as the guitar was sold by that dealer. Now the cost for a printed stamped j200 guard was 250.00 That being said. When you see these curled up guards shown here. Why would you want to put another of the same product on. When the first one failed. Btw Ive seen these curled up on new gibsons that were not even sold yet. To bad Gibson had to cheap out. Guitars are selling for more and some of those guitars are failing in quality.
  10. Looking at these guards. I would be contacting Gibson. On a failed product. Those guards were supposed to be the best gibson offered. I see they dont hold there shape . These guards are not cheap in price . And those are part of the high value of each guitar.
  11. I bet he could do more in the first 6 frets than most could do in 14 . Awesome guitarist. Ive watched him play over and over , But had a real hard time trying to duplicate what he did.
  12. I didnt think a J30 sounded that good. He made that one sound really nice. Awesome guitar player. One of the greats of our time.
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