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  1. Ive owned quite a few 90s Tal Farlows. The one you show is one of those. Nothing wrong with it. Keep in mind there a larger eg of a Es175. Laminated wood.
  2. Yup. I dont think it will go away any time soon. The thin guards were just fine before. Flubber was s flop.
  3. Cold wood or cold walls would do it for sure.
  4. Im pretty sure its a pickguard problem. I was at a dealer saturday. Three birds a couple of 45s , all with the guards lifting. Maybe the issue could be the polish they use after the clear has been applied. The polish might have a silicone base where the glue from the guards are not sticking
  5. Ya. Most guitars are set up to a selling point. Then usually each guitar that is sold to every customer has a different take on how they would like the action to be for there playing style. So you do have the option to have it set up to your style after purchase. Get a luthier to set it up. Im sure youll find satisfaction after its been done.
  6. I was going to post the same thing. But got destracted. 😄
  7. Nice Bird. It looks like its aging as it should. Nice top to.
  8. Im only on this forum and the cafe. Thats good enough for me.
  9. It was good though. The last guitar I bought was a 00042 39 authentic. But I sure didnt pay the 9000 plus.
  10. Not sure. Ive been bad for spending money on items I didnt need that were over priced. And it did not take a lottery. Now if that was the case. I think I would share the loot to people that were struggling . Then it would be on those to squander or spend wizely.
  11. I think I could wait till someone else buys that and trades it in on something different down the road to maybe aquire it. Its a nice sounding guitar but not 40ks worth. The best way to keep the economy going is to spend money foolishly. 🙂.
  12. True enough. When I read what KS daddy was saying. It made sense. I recall having LG0s with the screwed on guard Never took them off to check though.
  13. Dots could be decoration as well. Never thought of a countersink screw deep enough for the dot overlay
  14. Looks like the white dots might be covering up screws that are holding the guard down. And the square inlays were on some Hbirds hard to say the year. But I had a 76 with those inlays.
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