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  1. The 30s SJ200 , Advanced Jumbo , Southern Jumbo. I have those already from the 90s both in Indian and Brazilian. As well as the true Custom shop guitars. So we will see if there worth there purchase amounts. thanks for posting.
  2. nah. These would be the first new ones for 2020. if they dont meet my expections of what they should be. I wont buy any more new ones. I have not bought many new acoustic Gibsons I do not like the idea of a pickup. And I did not like the thick guards. Or richlite boards. My last new flattops are from 2008 the Madagascar AJs so hoefully it will be a treat. last years purchases were kind of quiet. I bought a crimson L5ces and a Gold Rush F5.
  3. I hope the ones I ordered are good. I ordered 3 models. I like what I see. But .
  4. no. Its U.S prices. Most what I find is south of the border. How ever I have paid alot less and got alot more.
  5. ya. That should be a option with every acoustic at the time of purchase.
  6. My guess in that condition. 2000 to maybe 25 Its a players guitar with the old tone. I sold a 50 j45 in about the same condition to a person in France for 2500.
  7. Ive liked mine. I like venturing out and getting different woods on gibsons.
  8. Japan gets to order there as they want them.. there market is huge.. they get stuff we wont see around here.. Remember Hogeyes J185 with the Horses on the finger board.. ? Japan ordered those with less Horses.. and the U.S never seen one..
  9. nitro has no hardener. It will remain the same. With nitro when sprayed. Its thin. Many coats are applied to achieve a smooth finish. In warm weather they are really nice. When there subjected to cold weather or dryness. They crack with very fine checking. Reason, it shrinks over time Thats why the fine checking . As for staining , thats why they recommend you wipe the guitar down after playing to keep acids or oily hands from staining back in the 90s Gibson had those pink lined cases you ever notice those pink liners staining the guitars right into the finishes Not like urethane clear where it has a catalyst. Where it drys hard. And thick. When it freezes it looks like cracked glass. Very deep cracks. But the durability is there. Greasy fingers to laying on a rubber matt wont hurt the finish
  10. If I put guitars on those stands. I have wool socks that Ive wrapped the neck and butt sections of the stands so they do not hurt the finishes. now on another note. . Those perferated green worm humidifiers. Theresa rubberwasher prevents the tube from falling inside the f holes of the archtops and mandolins. Remover the rubber grommet. It stains the finish.
  11. I know it sounds weird. Ive had my eye on 3 piece back j200 up here. But that richlite board just kills the thought For 7000.00. I prefer real wood.
  12. it should be pretty good. I have one from 1991. I think it was one of 16 made . I got that one right from the Bozeman plant. Sitting on the rack ready for the final inspection prior to being cased and put in there vault. The others were mahogany. I believe there were about 30 or maybe more of those. I know the mohagany ones are still being made.
  13. The AJ , SJ as well as the 30s SJ200.. all Rosewoods.. I noticed the SJ200 is a ebony board.. not the Richlite from these earlier times over the past few years.. thats a big no for me with what there asking for these guitars.. all wood or no wood. as for time frame,, beings I am up in Canada.. its when ever they get here.. Im guessing a 2 or 3 month wait..
  14. I put my order in for three Historics today.
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