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  1. I see yours is a nice 4 bar. Just like his. Looks good.
  2. Good to know. I dont own either one myself. So these little changes of the details of the body change the model name. I owned a CL 30 back when they came out. It was a great sounding, nice playing guitar.
  3. That looks like it could be a Songwriter model.
  4. Insurance value would be based I would guess on a New cost.
  5. Nice EC . Personally I think these 000s are Martins best guitars. congrats.
  6. Did you change the strings to a lighter guage, or did you buy new like that?
  7. John Walker in the Gibson custom shop in 94 did a SJ200 for me with the old growth Adirondack Red Spruce. Signed under the top with the materials used.
  8. I think if there using seasoned Red Adirondack Spruce. It may not require a speedy aging process.
  9. Well the sad part is. All the main makers are doing that. And all these Main makers have just flooded the market with what theyve built and moved on already . There are alot of Newer used guitars out there being sold. Im seeing deception as well on new Epiphone Frampton model acoustics. A US Label only. Made over seas sticker thats totally removable on the back of the headstock.
  10. Pretty cool. They have to get some TShirts and goodies on the go.
  11. Yes it was. My bad. Thank you
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