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  1. They made some of those for the Japanese Market. They also did a L2 but with a round bottom. Totally wrong.
  2. Looks like they have been glue sticked. Dang those are Beat.
  3. Dont take this the wrong way. It has his Name on it. Maybe ask why there is 15 varieties of J45s that vary in price from 2000 to 6000 gs when there all just a J45 . Tuners, pick guards and pickups dont warrant that price difference. When in the early 90s it was 1 guitar . if there was any new J45 to be had it would be a Legend for the money. Thats the closest to warrant big money.
  4. slimt

    John Prine

    I just read that Joe Diffie has passed away from this. you guys stay safe.
  5. A J200 Maple will have More depth in tone than a Dove the scale length is the same. I own both and like what I have. Great guitars.
  6. Theres no tone difference the J200 Regal I was testing out. It sounded awesome. Everything you would expect from what a J200 should be. but I do agree. When 6500 bucks come into play. Richlite is a big No. Ebony is my preference .
  7. The Rosewood SJ200 , Rosewood SJ , and the Advanced Jumbo. The SJ200 has the ebony board and bridge. Just like my Custom shop ones from the 90s I have been thinking of getting a Regal J200.
  8. I ordered three. I should se those in a month or so. Maybe longer till the health issues clear up. Im not in any rush.
  9. I think so. I wonder if Gibson noticed when they put the color and clear on?
  10. Just below the heel cap. Looks like a face in the burl . Could be just me
  11. Look at that upper center of the back. The imagination goes all over .
  12. You look deep into that Maple. It looks like skulls , I agree with you. Killer maple nicely bookmatched as well.
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