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  1. maybe just look for a J50 without the system. There out there. I dont think theyve had issues with build quality. Maybe poor taste in what they add . But they have to accommodate everyone out there. Not just the few. Most of the guitars Ive bought were out of the box just fine. Ya maybe a few required setups. But nothing major. Thats been my experience with every builder. And Ive never had a issue with the builder not backing there products.
  2. belly up bridge. White Button Kluson tuners to me, it would be a 67. Not unless its a late 67 going into 68 I have a 67 . But mine has the rounded edge guard. Serial number starts with a zero
  3. You got a picture of yours?
  4. I dont recall a 95 extra in rosewood. Most I seen were natural top with really dark stain on the back and sides. They did have only gibsons good enough on the headstock. I dont remember if there were any specials done like that either.
  5. What end of the world are you at?
  6. There was one of those for sale up here. It looked pretty nice.
  7. slimt

    J 45 Lemon ?

    25 years from now. That Firebird x might be a sought after guitar. I know a few leaked out. Who knows. I wont be around then. All it will take is one important person in music , to make it important.
  8. slimt

    J 45 Lemon ?

    And that was a bad choice.
  9. slimt

    J 45 Lemon ?

    Gibson does not have lemons. Sometimes a few bad choices. Alot of the issues are more with the stores that take in these guitars to sell.
  10. I think it looks good. But is that what you wanted?
  11. I put wide white truss rod covers on all my J200s. I think the only time I seen a limited cover was on SGs and a few les pauls. Es 135s It would not surprize me to see a limited on a 12 string hummingbird. And The label does not have to read the same thing.
  12. I agree. I think he did a great job doing it as well.
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