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  1. Cover up the headstock logo so you dont have to pay a percentage of that too. Btw Nice looking Dove
  2. Hmmm cannot be shipped outside of the U.S . Due to material restrictions . Are they legit Gibson stools ? Or knockoffs?
  3. That would be a Starburst studio from the 90s.. .. at 1300 that would be about what they sold for new. Gibson made I believe 3 versions..
  4. Average out 2500 .00. per guitar. Not really sure what there thought process is there.
  5. Its a waste. But in the same token Bozeman cuts up alot too. But most of those have had flaws where they were not up to standards for the market place. And they dont sell seconds. Im sure the could of done something to those electrics to make those more sellable instead of wasting it all. Like make a sidewalk up to the plant.
  6. My New L5ces Crimson has ebony for the fingerboard and bridge
  7. They say that J45 looks good in the other thread.
  8. There at it again. Cant get enough of the scribbles
  9. Its been going on for a while. Theyll sell you recycled wood on guitars they build , but they dont want it back because its a inferior cheap product.
  10. There were 1992 / 1993 era. You have a serail number and label to show? I also believe they made these in the latter years of the 90s as well. I had one from 92 with a birdseye maple back and sides it had the plaque on the back of the peghead.
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