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strap locks for es335


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I'm looking for strap locks for es335. Can someone tell me what kind of strap locks I can use to replace standard locks on my es335? I saw the rear and front screws on standard locks are not the same size. May I replace with a standard strap locks anyway (schaller or any other brand)?





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The #6 screw that comes with the Schaller was a bit smaller than the #8 screw hole in my 335.


The screw size probably depends on which original strap buttons came with your guitar. Both my SG and my 335 are as described--the original screw holes are too big for the Schaller screws. So you might need to get some hardware store screws and modify them. I have heard that sometimes the #6 Schaller screws fit the neck but not the bridge hole.


You can use the original Gibson screw and grind the head evenly with a bench grinder until it fits within the straplock countersink. That makes the screw go a little deeper; so take the appropriate small bit and deepen the hole about 1/4".


I use Schallers on all my guitars, BUT for the Gibsons, the better system might be Dunlops or some other low profile strap lock.


The Schallers on my 335 make a very tight fit in the original Gibson case, when I leave the strap on, and have actually dented the case a bit over the years. Just a heads up.

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Dunlop makes a completely flush recessed model so the strap is not too far out away from the body. I have a set on my Epiphone but couldn't bring myself to hog out that much wood to recess the straplocks on a Gibson. So in a moment with nothing better to do I chronicled the process of modifying a harware store screw so it would fit the Schaller strap locks for the tail-pin position.



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