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SG P-90 Pickup screw adjustments

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Hi Gibson community,


I have a new SG Standard P-90. I have two issues/questions. I think the store that set it up has the bridge pickup too high. What I know is that these are NOT dog ear P-90s, but standard soap bar. So here are my two questions:

Heres a picture of the exact one on Gibson's website:



1. I know the two screws that are visible inside the P-90 pickup are the ones that raise and lower the pickup. But my question is that there are also two other screws that are screwed into the pick guard (one on each side of each P-90 pickup) that also seems to raise and lower each pickup. Do you know if they are actually meant to also adjust pickup height? Or I shouldn't touch those screws? (If you click on the guitar link above, you can see the screws on each side of each pickup, especially if you zoom into the photo)


2. I also thought about trying to raise the magnetic pole pieces to form the shape of the neck radius, but none of them are turning with a screw driver. At the risk of breaking something, any ideas on how to get them to turn?


Thanks for any advice or guidance in advance,

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Just guessing that on your model you would adjust the P'up height with the outer screws in the pickguard.

As far as pole-piece adjustment on P-90's..... I think that you are better off leaving the poles flat to the pickup(non-radiused) and raising the pickup to the strings where it sounds best.... Tweek it any way you want, though [thumbup]


Rod (a community of one)

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