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The value of my Gibson custom


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The body is stamped with the serial number 140441 and the pots are numbered one number on them was 70-028 and then another number on the opisote side reads 137746 . When I went to get the info from the gibson identifying site it said the guitar is a 71 or 72 and the pots were from a 1947 to 57 weird and its looks like the wiring is all origional and factory. The local Guitar center has seen the guitar and have not got back to me yet but said they valued it around 3500.00. Well hope more people are done mowing the lawn for the last time today and watching football " GO OREGON DUCKS" and willing to help. I can send any pictures needed........

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Posting photos in this tread would help, but I'll make a few assumptions and give you some info on that basis.


The 100,000 serial numbers were used in '73, '74, and early '75.


The pot code (as listed) translates to (137) CTS Corp, (74) 1974, (6) 6th week of that year.


Although most pot codes use two digits for the week (6th week would generally be "06"), there are always exceptions to the rule.


Recent sales history from e-bay on black 1974 LPC's, assuming yours is black, averages out to about $2500.

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