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ES340 Help with switch


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I just got a 69' ES340TDN in almost mint condition and need some help with a couple things. The only thing wrong with it is the selector switch. In the top position it's in bypass, in the middle position it's a little weak, and in the bottom position it doesn't work until I wiggle in, then it sounds exactly like the middle position. I know one is supposed to be an out of phase , the other normal but they both sound the same when I can get the bottom one to work. The guitar looks as if it was played for about 6 months then put under the bed for 40 years so the I'm sure the contacts need cleaning or adjustment. Any ideas to get it in working order? How the hell do you access the components through the f-holes. One more thing, those nylon string saddles really cut down the sustain, any ideas besides replacing them?


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