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Gibson Product page...


"Gibson is already developing a range of audio equipment designed specifically to work with your new Dark Fire,


some of which is already scheduled for release in early 2009, including a small transmitter module designed to


work with Bluetooth wireless technology, allowing you the ability to connect wirelessly to your computer or




Last time I tried bluetooth in the studio high latency made it a no no.

I wonder how they are going to get around the issue?





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No worries as Its only for making Ringtones for your Cellphone, and so your MCK can connect to your GPS, so it can display the name of the town you are playing - perfect for those non-stop road tours.


"How you all doing [glance down at MCK] C L E V E L A N D"


I can "phone in" my solos from Cabo.


There will be a Ringtone Songwriting Competition too.


And a Dark Fire version of Guitar Hero for Playstation.

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