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ES335 Dot Neck Gloss FIgured - yr 005


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Greetings, this is my first post here.


I bought this guitar new not too long after I finished training and got a real job that let me afford it. At the time, I had not been much of a gear hound for many years, so I was out of the loop in terms of models, pickups, necks, yada yada, and din't have much time for it. Just new I wanted an ES=335, couldn't afford vintage, and this one seemed nice.




At the time I thought it was a standard ES-335. Now I find out it has a few descriptors attached to it (gloss, figured), and new ones cost more than standard ones do these days. Is there anything special about these? I really like mine, and it does have a nice subtle flame to it, and it is gloss, but I can't figure out why they go for 500 - 1000 more then the "regular" ones. Is it just those two differences? Mine was made in Nashville, which I though was less desirable, but now I understand that many CS and other nice hollow bodies are assembled and / or finished in Nashville - is that correct?



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You might get more of a response by posting this in the Gibson Custom section for "custom shop ES and archtop guitars".


I happen to have a natural finish Memphis 335 made in 2006. It has a flame maple body & looks like yours in it's appointments. Not sure about the subtle differences between the Nashville & Memphis versions from this era.


What we do know, is that you've picked up a very nice looking guitar - congrats!

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