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Help with identifying this guitar please?

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Hey guys,


I was wondering if you could help give me some specifics about a guitar I just purchased. The seller stated it was a 2002 Les Paul Standard, with Classic 57 pickups. I'm assuming that if these are indeed Classic 57s they would not be original correct? How would I go about knowing if they are Burstbuckers or 57s? The serial is 01492561. The neck pickup cavity has LB written in it and the bridge cavity has LPS+. I've adding a link to photobucket with all the picks I have taken.







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Hello Bill and welcome to the Forums!


Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant, TN, USA

May 29th, 2002

Production Number: 261



"LB" - is for light-burst finish, while the "LPS+" stands for Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus.


As it seems, - back in 2002 - Gibson didn't put stickers on the back of the pickups that tell which model it is.


I'd read the resistance and compare it to this chart: http://www.gibson.com/Files/_gear/datasheets/Pickup_Guide.pdf. However, the output of '57 Classics and the Burstbucker 1 and 2 pickups aren't significantly different. Hope, this PDF helps.


Cheers... Bence

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