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Date/info wanted on older import Focus 110s....

old mark

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Just got this guitar for under $100...Focus by Kamer, Strat type SSS with a fender type trem NOT a Floyd, not locking. Sn on flat neck plate JK99101831. Has made in Korea sticker on back of fat headstock, but trem back plate is Japanese pattern staggered middle screws. Heavy body and maple neck with rosewood board, good frets. Paint is a sort of pale blue sparkle with black pups and PG. Pice coming - just got it an hour ago.


This guitar plays very well after a few adjustments to the bridge and sounds better than expected. Resonant, good sustain.


No name tuners, chrome metal dome knobs 2V, 1T.


Any info? I have looked at the online Kramer info sites and I get the JK indicates made in Korea for sale in Japan...Know anything about this?





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Got a few pics - had not even wiped it off when I took these.


I will replace the tuners, and might add alnico pups with a reverse wound middle and a different caps...the guitar is such a quality build and great player, I want to make it into an overall great guitar. The tuners are too sloppy - got Wilkerson locking tuners for it, and I think the new pups will be an improvement. THis is one of the best Strat types I have ever had.







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