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eatured Guitar of the Month - 2013 Gibson J-35 - Performance Videos, Pics and more.


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I heard Gibson may be discontinuing this model but when I visited the acoustic section on their website guess which model was featured right up top? This one. To me that makes sense as I think the guitar has a great deal to offer both to the flatpicker and fingerpicker. While the tone may be on the brighter side I found that once I switched over to PB mediums the guitar had a pronounced improvement in the lower end.


Combine that with a clean, lightweight build, a LR Baggs Element pickup and a street price of around $1700.00 I think Gibson hit a homer here. [thumbup]


I get a feeling that this reincarnation of the J-35 will be around for quite a while.


Here's a link showing a couple of performance videos, pictures, stats.


Special Feature: if you scroll to the bottom you'll find links to 14 additional guitar demonstrations!



2013 Gibson J-35



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