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Bennder Tremolo for Epi Flying V '89


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Yeah, most likely a Bennder. Some of them didnt have the Floyd Rose patent information on them and others did. Finding one is no easy task though, and quite frankly, I dont really care for them. They are just an oversized vintage-style tremolo with a lock nut.


I had to replace mine and ended up installing a Floyd Rose Speed Loader instead. It took a little bit of modification, but not too bad. I had to widen the route on the side with the bar just a little bit to allow for some room. Maybe 1/8" or so IIRC. The worst part are the bridge screw holes. The are about 1/8" narrower than a Floyd from center to center and the Bennder uses screws instead of bolts and sleeves. I just drilled the out holes a little off center of the original screw holes and it fit great. I suggest doing some measuring though if you end up replacing the Bennder with a Floyd, just to be safe.


And if you do go with a Floyd Rose, I seriously suggest looking into the Speel Loader - or maybe its called a Fast Loader. Either way, you dont have to cut off the ball ends of the strings like a normal Floyd. It loads from the back of the bridge, so I think it may be considered single-locking. Also, dont bother replacing the locknut. They are different sizes and the screw holes dont line up correctly.

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