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One Solid And One Laminated Fretboard Found...


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Since I recently had the nut changed on a CS Les Paul Standard of mine, I know that the fretboard is a solid one.


For being curious, I removed the locking nut of my Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess today. This revealed a laminated fretboard. The bottom layer is a very dark and very thin one, so cutting the fret slots in the ochre coloured top layer for sure hasn't sawn this into pieces. I couldn't have said soundwise if it was solid or laminated, so no problem here.


However, what puzzled me is the strange way of height adjustment of the nut. They didn't use the matching shims available for Floyd Rose locking nuts but just a pair of chips cut from precision strips on each side, supporting just a fraction of the nut's bottom area. The small supported area of the locking nut on my Gibson doesn't seem to affect the tone, but I will know for sure after replacing the chips with appropriate shims. Sadly, the thread holes in the wood for the nut screws have significant bulges around them, so I fear they didn't pre-drill them at such sensitive mounting points. :unsure:


One of my Floyd Rose Fender MIM Strats also came with a top-mounted locking nut. I removed it weeks ago for lubricating the truss rod nut. They obviously pre-drilled the holes correctly and used a matching shim, just like on three Fender and one Ibanez FR guitars of mine with bottom-mounted locking nuts. B)


When comparing my Gibson Custom Shop Floyd Rose guitar to the previously mentioned guitars on an budget, I have to confess I feel annoyed a bit. <_<

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