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  1. To me she (the guitar, not Orianthi 😉) looks like a Gibson Les Paul Axcess Standard Floyd Rose. This model has always been a Custom Shop guitar. She came with a rosewood fretboard. Pickups should be 496R in the neck and 498T in the bridge position. The tone pots feature series (push)/parallel (pull) switches. The Alex Lifeson Signature Les Paul Axcess came with rosewood board, covered 496R and 498T pickups, Graph Tech Ghost piezo FR bridge, two output jacks that can be used mono, stereo (magnetic and piezo sounds separately) either with a stereo cable using the "Regular" stereo jack or with two mono cables with "Regular" jack for magnetic sound only and "Life-O-Sound" jack for separate piezo output. The series/parallel options are available through push/pull volume pots. The piezo volume pot is located at the usual bridge pickup tone control position and mutes the piezo signal when pulled. The single tone control for both magnetic pickups is in the position typically used for the neck pickup's tone control. I own one of these, so I know for sure. In addition, I had retrofitted the tone control for a push/pull pot including a polarity ("phase") switch for the neck pickup. The Dave Amato Signature came with bridge pickup only, a '57 Plus offering coil split, tone and volume controls. The current Les Paul Axcess Floyd Rose guitars come with 490R and 498T and coil split switches. They feature the new Apex headstock for added strength. See here: https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSX9K662/Les-Paul-Axcess-Standard-Figured-Floyd-Rose-Gloss# https://www.gibson.com/Guitar/CUSQD2632/Les-Paul-Axcess-Custom-w-Ebony-Fingerboard-Floyd-Rose-Gloss#
  2. I wasn't here for some time. Therefore I'm a little surprised and trying to get used to the new forum style now. 🙂
  3. Hey, capmaster! I also have been hoping you are OK. I haven't seen you posting in quite some time. Be well. Peace!

  4. As far as the pics allow to judge, she looks real to me. The embossed serial numbers on my Gibsons are clearly legible under clear coats, but some of those under solid satin coats are quite hard to read. Solid colors with a clear coat like on the guitar in question can make them very hard to decipher. Finally, all of them can be quite hard to photograph to my experience. Sometimes it took me dozens of attempts using lots of lighting and viewing angles.
  5. This is a funny thing for me because in the Old Bavarian dialect we speak here the double negative also means a stronger negation, in contrary to High German where it is treated logically like in maths. The Ancient Greek used it like we do here, although they had some of the greatest mathematicians of these old times. We had lots of fun at school when translating Greek philosophy to Old Bavarian dialect. I often encountered double negations in English lyrics. For instance, I think that "I won't do you no harm" is not a threat but an expression of kindness and good intentions. And the literal translation works in Old Bavaria in a good sense, too
  6. "... the hue of the resulting mixture would be orange" is the main clause. Perhaps my expression was unclear - what I wanted to say was that the verb of the subclause must not be "would." That is, it can be "mixes" or "mixed" but not "would mix" in the given case. At least that's what they taught me at school then But anyway, the first person "shall," second and third person "will" thing in future tense I learned then seems obsolete meanwhile, so one can never know ;)
  7. capmaster

    Truss rod cover

    This is what I do - I just love plain truss rod covers.
  8. This is surely a quite uncommon sort of topic, but I hope to get some helpful replies from the native speakers here. I hereby declare that the lyrics quoted and the recorded work linked below are owned and copyrighted by Joan Wasser. Since the earliest English lessons I attended at school in 1971, I have remembered the rule that in subclauses starting with "if" must not follow "would." The exact same rule exists in German, too, and so I can completely relate to that. Art can be a different thing though. In lyrical use even rules carved in stone are broken here and there. The lines I refer to in this topic were written by Joan Wasser, one of my most revered artists ever. The lyrics of the Joan As Police Woman song "Get Direct" from her 2014 album "The Classic" start as follows: If you would be mine we could be happy If you wouldn't mind we could be happy These lines are repeated later in the song. To my feel Joan used this "mistake" to fortify the following line "Now I know nobody owns nobody" which she finally repeated until shortly before and as reverb only during fadeout. To be honest, I can't imagine that an adept like her did this all by accident. Here is a link to the song followed by the entire lyrics. GET DIRECT If you would be mine we could be happy If you wouldn't mind we could be happy So how about it? It'd be so easy to do Start with you and I just feeling out the love we have for living throwing out the old bath water It's elementary The corner of my eye Well it's got some business with you I'd like to spread your fingers wider quit the lights and take you higher find the place that we've forgotten It's elementary Don't take the tangle for my past I left that ruin long ago and I moved out to deep end braced myself in case a piece like you would walk on, walk on by Oh baby please Now I know nobody owns nobody What I'm trying to say I wanna get spitting distance to you up close and personal Let's get personal Let's get direct Let's get direct Let's get experimental You and me imagine us happy Yes happy
  9. Hello and welcome to the board! Congrats on your nice catch. I think I would like most of your ES-330 - unique top, finish in general, humbuckers, all of the hardware, and witch hat knobs, too. However, the missing finish on the neck's overlap near the neck humbucker would bother me. I think if I'd like playability and tone as you do, I would have it fixed. A skilled luthier can do this at a reasonable fee, and it may take about two weeks until the finish is dried out sufficiently. You may have it done by Gibson, too, and I think they would fix it without charge, but it may take some months until you will have your guitar back again. Just my two cents...
  10. capmaster


    Congrats on your beautiful catch, Cougar! A guitar playing, sounding and looking nice is one of the finest things on Earth. Enjoy playing her!
  11. Ten years ago today I reported deceptive business practices of my employer to the authorities. Working for a large Swiss pharmaceutical group operating woldwide and listed at the NYSC, I simply couldn't take doings that include crimes against humanity. It took them some time to find out that I did, but from then on I have been a persona non grata within the whole industry. I suspect that an attempt on my life committed by a nurse five and a half years ago might have been a plot of my former employer. I survived only with luck then, but it may have contributed to the downward spiral of my health. Being a welfare case since several years later, I now experience what it means to be a honest, decent person in a world of corrupt, dirty business. However, I have never wanted to be a compliant worker fulfilling a job for a conspiracy of ruthless top management.
  12. Thirteen of my 27 electric six-strings and four of my six four-string basses are Gibsons. Two EB 2013 basses I retrofitted with passive EMGs, and the other 15 Gibson instruments have and probably will always have their stock pickups. Every good guitar enjoys me, in particular one matching the song I'm playing, soundwise and equipment-wise, for instance with piezo bridge or a Floyd Rose vibrato. However, those that don't make a perfect match still keep inspiring me when practicing. Gibson guitars are a vital part of my music, and I feel thankful and pleased every time I play.
  13. Phil Collins is a true allrounder when about playing instruments. For evaluating his looks we probably should ask the ladies. :)
  14. Not sure but I doubt Me2 pictures were better. ;)
  15. It was Schaller style replicas with no names on them. Anyway, they creaked like the hinges of an old door in a horror castle when moved, and this noise was also transduced through the piezos. I replaced them with original Schallers which are quiet. By the way, my Fender American Deluxe Telecaster came with Schaller replicas, too, but they bore Fender embossments. Unfortunately their threads were quite soft and didn't allow for securely mounting the strap, so I replaced them with original Schallers, too.
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