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  1. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/zz-top-bassist-dusty-hill-dead-obit-1203694/ Sadly last night ZZ Top bassist and vocalist Dusty Hill left the earthly stages. I like his and his companions' Texas Blues for more than five decades now. In his memory I link a song featuring Dusty on bass guitar and lead vocals. R.I.P. Dusty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faxBtVkyIuY
  2. You still would have to consider that 300 Kohms pots are available with linear only. However, if you don't use tone pots anyway, there's no problem with their control behaviour at all. 😉 My typical use of volume pots on guitars comes pretty close to your description... 😄
  3. Me too. To be honest, I liked Deep Purple with Rod Evans, Ian Gillan and David Coverdale. Three remarkable and distinctive voices I think.
  4. To my knowledge there are no 300 kOhms pots with log tapering available while 250 kOhms pots are. However, those pots will load down the pickup/cable resonance with no way back in application, so I prefer rolling down the stock tone pot a bit. It will probaly read 300 kOhms at around position 8. In case of a 500 kOhms volume and a 300 kOhms tone pot the resulting load for the pickup would remain the same with both pots turned fully clockwise. The capacitor, a 22nF orange drop, is practically full-range for the open tone pot and thus will have the same effect as a piece of wire in the res
  5. Sadly I have to say that I wasn't able to find out anything more than you already did. There seem to be a few early ones with block inlays instead of dots, and the later ones came with the upper strap button at the upper bout instead of the back at the neck/body junction. However, I wasn't able to find more. My all-maple L6-S with six-digit serial number has dot markers and the upper strap button at the back.
  6. To my ears David Coverdale's voice is more bluesy than during the 1970's and 1980's. No wonder given the reason for this song though.
  7. Given my personal experiences it's the guitar, not the pickup. The Classic '57 Plus is the stock bridge pickup of five guitars of mine, four of them Gibsons, one LP Traditional 2013, one Custom Shop Les Paul Standard made in 2012 with 17-hole weight relief, two Frank Zappa "Roxy" SGs (although Gibson specified the Classic '57 without the Plus), and also of my Epiphone LP 1960 Tribute. They all still have their stock pickups in them, and I never even tried to change anything. My Les Paul Traditional 2013 is the only one of them that SCREAMS. I always tested several of each model befo
  8. If that was true, I would want to live on flat earth, too. But whatever, I love Sauerkraut.
  9. As his family announced in a statement, Bill Withers died aged 81 from heart desease last Monday: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/bill-withers-obituary-977929/ R.I.P. Bill and thank you for the music you gave to the world. As a tribute to Bill here are two links, one with his song "Who Is He (And What Is He To You)" sung by himself, and another one with the same song performed as a psychedelic soul piece by Creative Source, one of my favourite cover songs of all time:
  10. Just did a little research on the current Les Paul Classic model. They come with four push/pull pots. The volume controls engage coil splits (incorrectly called "coil taps") when pulled; the neck pickup's tone pot reverses the the neck pickup polarity (incorrectly called"phase") when pulled, and the bridge pickup's tone control activates a control and toggle switch bypass for the bridge pickup without affecting the coil split function. Those switches might have collected residues that have gassed out of the finish, and switching them up and down a few times might help to remove the residues an
  11. Holly sheet - this performance made my day 😂
  12. Haven't been logged in here for months, but I thought I post a sign of life in these dark days for all mankind. In case I contract Covid-19 my chances to survive are close to zero, even in case of full medical service, but hope dies last. In this context I remembered a song by Paul McCartney which was a smash hit here in 1993. I wish listening to it may ease your mind a little as it does for me. Take care and stay healthy!
  13. To me she (the guitar, not Orianthi 😉) looks like a Gibson Les Paul Axcess Standard Floyd Rose. This model has always been a Custom Shop guitar. She came with a rosewood fretboard. Pickups should be 496R in the neck and 498T in the bridge position. The tone pots feature series (push)/parallel (pull) switches. The Alex Lifeson Signature Les Paul Axcess came with rosewood board, covered 496R and 498T pickups, Graph Tech Ghost piezo FR bridge, two output jacks that can be used mono, stereo (magnetic and piezo sounds separately) either with a stereo cable using the "Regular" stereo jack or w
  14. I wasn't here for some time. Therefore I'm a little surprised and trying to get used to the new forum style now. 🙂
  15. Hey, capmaster! I also have been hoping you are OK. I haven't seen you posting in quite some time. Be well. Peace!

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