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The DF 1/4" Stereo Cord


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Just picked up a DF today, and the dealer was scrounging around for the 1/4" stereo cord that came with the guitar. I'm wondering if a) there is anything special with the cord that allows it to charge the guitar and, if so :) what brand it is so I can double check that I got the right one. Mine is a Hosa, so if a couple of you could do me a huge favor and see if that jives with what you have, I'd really appreciate it.


Thanks a lot,


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A Hosa TRS cable should work just fine - its same or better quality as the factory DF cable.


BTW - I prefer to use the Planet Waves TRS cable with gold plated connectors that came with my Variax.







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Be sure your Dark Fire came with all the other accessories:





• Limited Edition First Run Dark Fire

• Gibson USA Owner’s Manual

• Two Dunlop Strap Locks (Click here for installation instructions.)

• Dark Fire/Robot Guitar II signal splitter/charger box

• AC adapter for the signal splitter/charger box

• 1/4-inch stereo (TRS) cable

• Dark Fire Quick Start Guide

• Robot Interface Pack rebate form

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