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Restoration of a 1962 SG Custom

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Hi there,


I have a SG custom from 1962 with an Ebony block.

The guitar has a stop tail instead of the usual vibrola with flat arm.

Does someone know where I can find a tremolo unit like that?

I've been watching Ebay for a while but the right tremolo does not appear.

There are some parts available, but these parts are non original.

(I found out ithat the tremolo unit of an Ebony block guitar is a Long vibrola without the cover and there are two threaded ends welded that can hold the Ebony Block instead of the tailpiece bars)

The guitar also needs a refret job. Does anybody know what type of Fretwire was used on SG Customs fron the early '60ies?

And how did the bindings look when it left the factory?


With regards,


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