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Gibson sg Natural burst?


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I just bought a gibson sg, serial number puts it to 2007 and the card says the model is an SGS- NB which im guessing means natural burst,but it looks different to all the pictures ive found on the net.

The pickups have been changed to emgs,but i have a set of gibson to put in

It seems to have more of a flame or quilt to it?

Is it a different model?

Someone mentioned something about a fade model? but when i search all that comes up are the faded sg specials

post-64819-043494700 1397742038_thumb.jpg

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Yeh sorry i had to make ther pic smaller,but probly a little to small in the end.

ive taken the emgs out now and just deciding what to put in there, i have a spare jb and ive put an order in for some new pots/wiring etc...

I did find this http://www.gbase.com/gear/gibson-sg-standard-2002-brown-fade# which looks alot closer to mine.


Yeh it has a nice grain, either way im happy with it and it plays great.


Cheers for the reply

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