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Advice on Pickup for a '98 CL-20

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Good afternoon friends,


A short while back I picked up a 1998 Gibson CL-20 for my daughter as a birth year guitar. Its a darn nice guitar, loud as a connon and in great playing shape.


I would like to update it a bit so my daughter can use it once in a while when she performs. So here is what I am planning to do:


1. Update the saddle and pins to bone (from Colossi). The original is an old Fishman product (see pic below) that is no longer produced, so I figured the technology was not the best.


2. Update the pickup system. This is where I could use y'alls help. I would prefere a preamp set up as most PA's used at open mic's are set up for that. And it would be easier for my daughter to be ready to just plug and play and not have to deal with an external preamp set up. My daughter is mostly a heavy strummer, some fingerpicking, but mostly just strumming. Cost is not really an issue, it just needs to be durable and sound good. Any suggestions?


I appreciate your suggestions/comments as always!




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