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Hey All:


Clyde from New Orleans here:


I just purchased a new Epiphone DR212 from GC and I love the sound of it and the looks as well.


I am thinking about changing the stock strings out to martin strings any suggestions.


Happy Strumming


Clyde Ortego

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Dunno how experienced you are as a picker, but here's the deal I doubt any experienced player would question: Everybody has an opinion on strings for a given guitar with their own technique and playing style.


I use a cupla different brands on different flattops, and a cupla different gauges on guitars I play differently. For fingerpicking I prefer a very low setup and very light (for acoustic guitar) strings. For flatpicking I use a higher setup and a slightly heavier set of strings for flatpicking as I do it.


Others will tell you this brand or that, this type or that...


I've played so many different brands and types of string that I'm personally more concerned with playing technique for a given piece rather than strings.


The one exception is: I change strings on any guitar I buy new as soon as possible. That's true even if my choice of strings might have been the same stuff that came from the factory.


Have fun; that's a nice little guitar.



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