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Please help identify this Gibson Acoustic

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I am seeking assistance in identifying this Gibson Acoustic. It has no serial number and some of the parts are aftermarket. It looks to be an L30 or L37, but I have no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I plan on taking it to the Gibson store in Memphis this weekend.


It used to belong to my wife's grandfather. He had little to do with the family so I do not have any history of it during his possession. It was acquired by my wife's father who never played it, but held on to it for many years. He passed away seven years ago and any knowledge he had of it died with him. My wife passed away last year of ovarian cancer and I have many memories of our curiosity about the guitar - make and model.


Again, any help would be greatly appreciated. I can provide additional pictures if needed.


Thank you




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I'm thinking late 30s L-50. I believe the L30 and L37 were smaller (14" wide) archtops.


Some 1935-36 L50s had flat backs.


It could even be as late as late 40s because I think some L50s used up the old style logos after the war.


It even looks like an L-48 but I don't know if they ever had the old logo.


I just painted it with a wide brush; I'm sure some will post with more detailed info.

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