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1983 Gibson Explorer Heritage Korina


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Hi all. I'm always on the lookout! IF an original, unmolested, reasonable condition 1983 Gibson Explorer Heritage Korina (100 made as I understand it, along with another 100 Custom Shop Korina Explorers of the same year) came up for sale with its original case, what would it go for? Anyone have an idea, or know of any that have sold in recent times? The reason I ask is that you just don't see them come up much! I've seen the odd one sell on ebay (the last 2 went for about $3200 and $3700 respectively from memory), but that's about it. It looks like the market may have slowed (I could've sworn they would go for up to 7k a few years back), but it's hard to say, given they're pretty rare. I see many ads (more so for Heritage Korina V's) fishing around 7-8k, but they don't sell.

Would love to hear your thoughts!




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