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hi guys i did a modification to my ej-160e. ive changed the tuners to cream ones marble .style klusons i had to sand thru the holes to make each bushing fit and it worked a treat the klusons actually lined up each screw at the back of the headstock perfectly. i was wanting to modify my guitar up to look more like a gibson j160e john lennon 70th .but i think im happy just to have my ej160e be modified to look better than what epiphone did. so im thinking im using hat top gold vintage style knobs . But i all so have a set of amber light gold gibson style knobs as well there the same as what epiphone use on the ej160e .i think they go really well better than the dark ones. so do i use hat top style or light gold Amber style .sounds like a silly post i guess but what do you think ive seen some old pictures of gibson j160es from the 50s were the knobs were amber style then ive seen others were the knobs are hat top.

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