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1989 '67 V Reissue


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I got a 1989 Gibson '67 Flying V reissue with a tobacco sunburst finish as a birthday gift from my lady. She got it for me because I bought one in 1989 and ran into a need for cash and sold it and have missed it since. I got the same exact guitar back and it feels good.


It was very dirty and unloved, superficial scratches here and there so I buffed them out and also cleaned one of the dirtiest fret boards I've ever seen. basically I stripped this down and cleaned all the parts. I also did a neck truss adjust as it was bowed pretty neglectedly, so much so the tune-o-matic was lowered down all the way on both sides to get a "normal" string height.


It's all good now and the guitar sounds great and plays great and I have my guitar back though this wasn't the exact same guitar I had.


I ordered chrome pickup covers from Gibson because of a cracked pickup pictured. Also some new matching knobs from Gibson as the previous owner broke these trying to pry them off with a screwdriver or butter knife or something. 10353285_10202071021996634_5822413601253477781_o.jpg










In any case the guitar is structurally sound and I am happy.


i guess this is my welcome back to the Gibson Flying V world. I own 9 guitars but my favorite 2 are the Gibsons. I also own a 2013 SG Standard in Classic White.

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I had a tobaccoburst back in the day, min was a 90. Great sounding guitar but had a slight twist in the neck.


It's funny you mention that, mine did too back in the day. Interesting huh? I used my 5 year warranty a few times for it too, it would be fixed and it always went back again.


This one is fine thankfully.

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