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Another Mini-Etune question


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Ok,,this may have been covered somewhere else,,not sure,,but Ill ask anyways. About the Mini-Etune system,,,now when I put new strings on any of my axes,,I have to "stretch" them out a bit before even tuning them to 440A pitch{although some of the axes are tuned 1/2 step below 440A} before the new strings will stay even close to uniform tuning without going sharp or flat,,so,,lets say we put a new set of strings on a gtr that has the Mini-Etune system,,we get it to 440A tuning,,and just for the sake of discussion,,that the G string "floats" sharp, a few cents in tuning,,or flat,,whichever. Will the Mini-Etune system "adjust" automatically bringing the "out of tune" string,,and only that one,, back to 440A,,buy its self? or what. If it does adjust selectively in that manner,,thats truly amazing. Thanks for any info.

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