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Hi guys,


I'm looking to get a couple of replacements parts for my 1994 Epiphone Casino (made at the Peerless factory), namely


1) A new pickguard white/black/white without the 'E' logo is OK (the dimensions will have to match that of mine of course).


2) A new truss rod cover, but instead of the black/white/black with the black 'E' logo and 3 screw holes, I would like one similar to that of the 90's Epiphone Riviera's which was the white/black/white with the black 'e' logo and 3 screw holes.


Do you guys know where I can find these replacement parts? I've looked everywhere and can't find them. I also emailed Epiphone, no word yet....


Thanks in advance....

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Good Day Hype -


Not certain if you're attempting to use/locate "vintage"/authentic Epi parts. When I was looking to replace the pick-guard on my "Lucy" this past spring, I used WD Music Products out of Florida. I had one made using the measurements from the original. They have a substantial selection of PG materials, as well as many other items. Wasn't "cheap", but certainly worth the $ spent. Took about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks to receive as I recall.

(they don't "do" truss rod covers unfortunately...)


As far as the truss rod cover goes, I've had some success in dealing with some of the folks who sell the "custom" TR covers on eBay. Again, may not be the most "cost efficient" way of doing things, but might be a good "last resort"!


Hope this is of some assistance. Have a great day!



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