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Brite wire vs vintage reussied vs special alloy humbucker guitar strings


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No experiences here with the Special Alloy Humbucker strings, but I will try to give you an idea of the other two.


Vintage Reissue strings match their name producing a smooth, mellow tone with a moderate attack, compared to the average roundwounds. Fundamentals last significantly longer than overtones as commonly associated with vintage guitar tone. To me they feel like they sound, soft and sleek. The wound wire is convenient to the touch with a moderate skid noise. For those who prefer it, they provide that classic guitar tone on any guitar.


Brite Wires offer an open, crystal-clear tone with a consistent response across the entire spectrum. They are very sensitive to the player's touch with a highly dynamic, brilliant attack, followed by an exceptional rich tone from full fundamentals to crystal-clear highs. Their sustain is breathtaking, in particular overtones last longer than with most other strings. They feel slightly stiffer, and the skid noise is edgier due to enhanced treble response. Tone and sustain make them a favourite among many Fender players, too.


Being a coil split and piezo lover, Brite Wires are the only strings I can actually imagine to possibly substitute the strings I use nearly exclusively since 32 years for just the same features.


Hope this helps.

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