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Changing J45 TV Tuners


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Are they a straight swap?


Yes. The originals on my TV were these: (the bright nickels)




The Tones Pros were a perfect fit. No extra drilling. The screw holes are in the same positions as the originals.

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Swapped the tuners on my J45 TV eventually.


I fitted some Kluson Deluxe tuners.





Much smoother operation and far prettier. The buttons are more yellowed than the stock white plastic buttons and look more in keeping with the rest of the guitar


The Klusons are 12 grammes heavier and were a direct replacement. I didn't have to change bushings or screw positions so it was literally a 10 minute job

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I put these on my J45 TV - they were a perfect fit:




I hated the original tuners. I could never get them to operate smoothly.

I know I am reviving this old thread but I was wondering if you just used the original bushings? The tonepros are supposed to have larger bushings? I am this close to ordering some tonepros and just want to be sure that they are a direct fit.

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