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Which and what year in this video (jb buffs)


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ABR bridge and patina makes it look really early and we're talking Jeff Beck playing not just any show, but a tribute to LP so I wouldn't be surprised if he had a '59 or '60 burst in his hands [thumbup] fretboard looks like new, but it probably had a refret and got cleaned up as well as a new pickguard.

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The clip is from a concert set up as a tribute to Les Paul at the Iridium Club (Les' weekly stomping ground) after he passed away a few years ago.


The DVD came out in 2010 on the Eagle Vision label (#EREDV824) and is called 'Jeff Beck Rock'n'Roll Party Honouring Les Paul'.


The show starts with a run-through of Les' work with Imelda May doing all the Mary Ford work backed by her own band (with husband Darrel Higham on rhythm guitar).

After the Les Paul section they go through a number of period classics and are joined on stage by a few other stars - notably Brian Setzer - and the track list numbers 27 songs.

As well as all that there are various extras including interviews; stills and so on.


The total running time of the DVD is a staggering 2 hours 44 minutes.


Highly recommended.


The 'burst is, in fact, a genuine '59 (or '60?) Lester on loan to Jeff for the gig.


FWIW here is my favourite from the show. Both Jeff and Imelda are absolutely on fire.....



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