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  1. Another vote for 'Lovely Guitar' from here. I love the sound holes in particular. Great Score! FWIW I'm also a big fan of 10,000 Maniacs. Managed to catch them on the Blind Man's Zoo tour in '89 in London's Albert Hall. Superb gig. Pip.
  2. Why can't I get the theme tune for 'Laurel and Hardy' out of my head?... Pip.
  3. No matter how many times I see this (and associated) image(s) I still can't quite get my head around the concept; Pip.
  4. I agree with everything G Mac says here. After my old 2x10 Marshall mentioned in my earlier post kicked the bucket in 1980 I bought an ex-demo MM 212 Sixty-five (the marginally bigger - 2x12 and 65w - and slightly older brother to G Mac's) and have used it ever since. In the ensuing nigh-on 40 years it's had its valves replaced once (although purely as a precaution before one very important gig) and has never, ever let me down despite some fairly heavy-handed lugging around. Magnificent Amp. As to Scales' question about the reverb; I can't speak for the later (RD) models but with the 212 65 on 'clean' the reverb is Marianas Trench deep. Pip.
  5. Stunning in every way! Many Happy Playing Days to you both!
  6. The '53 model is extremely easy to identify for several reasons. Pictures, obviously, would help... I sincerely doubt it's even a reissue for $1,500 but you never know. Serial numbers on their own mean diddly-squat. We need more info as to hardware etc. P.
  7. I tend to like both Gibson and Fender 'regular fare' electrics through a Fender Twin-type combo. I know full-well that a Les Paul plugged into a Marshall should be the bee's knees but for reasons unbeknownst to me I've never had much luck in finding the same sweet-spot with a Marshall as I have with Fender-type combos - and that's after having an original late '60s Marshall 2x10 as my only amp for several years. I've played in groups where other guitarists DID have that superb, archetypal LP-Marshall tone but after I plugged in and used the same settings it STILL didn't work out for me. Weird. Actually there was one Marshall that I played through which sounded absolutely amazing to me but I had practically zero experience at the time so perhaps it's a case of 'rose-tinted specs'. Whatever; that was a late '70's (I think) 'Club and Country' Combo. Thin on the ground these days - I've occasionally had a look for one - and not common even back then when they were new but probably well worth a listen if you get the chance. Philip.
  8. The camera(s) were the first thing to get sorted-out in the packing stakes. Seriously. For those who give a poop I'm taking 4. My beloved Leica M9-P (and some lenses) for almost everything; the Leica point-and-shoot thing for rubbishy stuff; my ancient Nikon F / Standard Prism (black) - which I've had since 1978 - with period 28mm Nikkor bolted-on for when I go out with my daughter (who has an equally ancient Nikkormat FT 2 {chrome} c/w 50mm f2) to do 'Daddy/Daughter' proper FILM snapping days (she's nearly 15 now and has really gotten into photography these last 12 months) and, finally, an even more ancient (early '40s) Leica IIIc (Sharkskin finish) with, unusualy, a Canon 50mm f1.8 screwed-on for those 'Just for Laughs' adventures. I just hope to get both the time and the weather to enjoy - at the very least - one or two of the combinations... Pip.
  9. Thanks for the head's up, m-e! Shame they're all gone; I have a four-hour sea-crossing to undertake tomorrow morning and was looking forward to having something meaningful to do... Pip.
  10. It's the Counterfeiters getting a bit of their own back after seeing their sales becoming drastically reduced through Gibson's numerous Counterfeit Awareness efforts... Pip.
  11. Apologies for having to ask and please excuse my ignorance but is your text written in Korean or Chinese? I'm having a bit of difficulty in translating it all. Thanks in advance! Pip.
  12. Oh come on now! Think about it for goodness sakes. Obviously it IS a Gibson. It simply has to be. Gibson NEVER put markings or numbers on their guitars. NEVER EVER. They are well known for keeping their name a closely guarded secret. pIP.
  13. Oddly enough that's one of the few states I have visited, Bill! We have friends who lived in Montclair and paid them a visit a couple of years ago. Very nice place. Don't know if it's typical of NJ, of course, but it was pretty...erm...pretty. One of Scotland's most admired Sporting Heroes... Pip.
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