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  1. Stating the obvious (hopefully) it is simply a Gibson SG Custom - not a Gibson Les Paul SG Custom. Some prankster has merely screwed a LPC truss-rod cover on it in place of the original. Informally the guitars of this incarnation are known as the 'Type 4 SG' and, yes, 1973 is almost certainly the year of manufacture of this example - which makes it one of the very early ones (the T-4 range was introduced in '73). Pip.
  2. pippy


    In all this time I never knew that you were Scottish! P.
  3. You are barking up the wrong tree. Gary Moore played 'Greeny' for decades and never sounded like PG. An R9 and PG Throbaks (I've played just such an instrument) plugged into an Orange set up is as good a place to start as any, I suppose, but (to state the bleeding obvious) 95 % of PG's tone came from himself and, FWIW, about 90% of that was from his right hand picking technique. Play about with guitars, pickups and amps to your heart's content. Practice more on technique. Best of luck in your quest. P.
  4. All I'm going to say is that folks are trying to get close to what they think their an idea of a 1959 Les Paul should sound like. It's a Dead Donkey and I really don't buy into any of this marketing crap. YMMV and, my word, good luck to you if you suck this stuff up. I guess I'm outta here. So long and it's been a hoot! Pip.
  5. Ah, that's a shame. Was listening to 'Feat's Don't Fail Me Now' on Saturday as it happens. Wonderful band with some truly wonderful songs (and wonderful Neon Park sleeve artwork!). R.I.P. Mr Barerre and thanks for all the great music. Pip.
  6. ..and with all those thermionic diodes to keep you warm you should be snug as a bug listening to Dean Martin (Ho!) singing 'Baby! It's Cold Outside!"... Pip.
  7. If you hire a van you would have plenty of space and I suspect your gear is more solid - and your packing skills better - than you might imagine, NV! You would, presumably, have to return to your 'old place' to pick up your car after the gear-move so perhaps those pre-war Martins and '59 Lesters could go with you on the second trip? Sincere best wishes for the upcoming relocation! You must be looking forward to it with great anticipation! Pip.
  8. But only three guitars?!................. I'd fancy the Bluesbreaker combo too. They've had quite a lot of nice stuff through the years. The auction results can be weird, though. Sometimes I've seen nice stuff go crazy cheap (some beat-up pre-CBS Strats especially) but in other months the prices can be almost 'West-End' high. A time-machine would come in handy for popping back to the low-bid auctions. Pip.
  9. If the dimensions for saddle adjustment front-to-back are the same as the existing bridge - and they should be - why would that help matters? Did you suggest the (far, far less costly) saddle-swap method? If so why did the store not go ahead with this simple and inexpensive solution which would not involve the purchase of a whole new bridge? Something's not right here. Pip.
  10. What makes you think it will be rct's first million?... I mean to say; the man drinks Cristal! Pip.
  11. You know, that's not as stupid an idea as it sounds. GET THAT STUFF WRITTEN UP ALL OFFICIAL-LIKE AND HEAD DOWN TO THE PATENTS OFFICE ASAP!!!!!!!!!!! Pip. EDIT : FWIW when I first saw the title I thought you were announcing an impending visit to Scotland. True!
  12. So now you know your solution. Out of curiosity I've just checked my LPs (all of which have ABR-1's) and in each case if the A saddle isn't butting up against the rear of the bridge it can only be 1/4 of a turn shy. Never noticed that before. Mind you; mine all intonate correctly so I've not needed to 'fix' anythhng down there. This relative lack of latitude might possibly explain why Gibson felt it necessary to introduce the 'Nashville' with it's greater travel allowance. Pip. EDIT : Again and just out of curiosity; it would be an interesting academic exercise to compare exact nut-to-bridge-post measurements on original '50s LPs with the re-issues...
  13. But were you able to nail pitch 100% with the saddle flipped? If so then, as suggested earlier, the simplest, quickest and cheapest option by far would be simply to buy an un-notched saddle and mark the groove in the necessary place yourself. Pip.
  14. I'd flip the saddle just to see how much 'off-centre' it can be. I suspect that the slight difference would be insignificant when you are actually playing the (very pretty) thing. Strange that it's out at all, though... Pip.
  15. It looks like it. Just after the release of the near-universally condemned vid-clip where Watsisname kicked-off on his threatening little rant the new CEO of Gibson hastily released a second clip in order to try to quell the uproar which duly followed-on from the first. He mentioned, pointedly, that Gibson would be exploring other paths and licensing other Gibson-approved companies in 'Partnerships' whereby they would be allowed to manufacture Gibson-designed products was one such path. Pip.
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