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  1. Gillian Girl's Horse? Philip.
  2. You too, Cap. Very best wishes for you and yours. P.
  3. Hi and welcome to the forum. Assuming everything is 'above board' it would appear to be a 1956 Les Paul Special in 'TV Yellow' finish. If it's genuinely an original '56 (and if the ex-owner died in the '80s there's no reason to doubt it) then get it verified and appraised by someone who really knows what they are on about as it will be worth a tidy sum. You could do some of the easiest groundwork yourself, if you wish, by checking out the codes stamped in to the potentiometer bodies of the volume and tone controls (the silver-colured metal housings inside the plastic covered cavity on the rear of the instrument - just in case you are new to this stuff). There will be a long-ish number (or two) which will look something like this; 137 56 28 Going from last group to first this will tell us that the potentiometer (not the guitar) was made in the 28th week of (19)56 and by the Chicago Telephone Supply (AKA CTS - Gibson's usual provider) whose stamp code is 137. This number (as an illustration) would mean that the guitar was crafted sometime after the 28th week...blah...blah...blah...but DOES give a general idea of age. Hope this helps. Absolutely GORGEOUS guitar, BTW. Philip.
  4. I laughed! Thanks for taking the time to explain things! P.
  5. Could you please explain exactly what -and also why - everything here means? Thanking you in advance.
  6. Really pleased to see this outcome, Saturn. The break was the result of an unfortunate accident but you handled the whole shebang very well indeed and, finally, things are turning up 'roses'. Congrats! I'm very happy for you. Philip.
  7. I remember your post telling us of her passing. Very moving it was. She really was one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. And of course Brutus, too, Rabs. Very sad to hear both those pieces of news. Sounds trite, I know, but keep them in your hearts and memories and at least some part of their lives will remain for you to love and cherish. Pip.
  8. If you go back into the Lounge, mihcmac, and click on the "Full Walk Through the Gibson, Epi, Kramer..." thread posted by Rabs you will find that it seems as though there will be an Epi version of the Nighthawk coming out - and the Nancy Wislon Signature model at that. As mentioned in the other thread they only part-mention the guitar as they passed it by (name-drop 17:14 and you see it very briefly at the 17:42 mark)... Pip.
  9. Oh, I have to disagree most strongly, Duane. As Sgt. P. mentions all it needs is a lick of paint and a more handsome carriage would be hard to find. ...Stateside, that is............ A bit like this one, perhaps? Certainly would steal the limelight over my 1992 Nissan Micra at any rate. P.
  10. They only part-mention the guitar as they passed it by (name-drop 17:14 and you see it at the 17:42 mark) but I loved the Epi version of the Nancy Wilson "Fanatic" Nighthawk which was originally released as a Gibson Sig model in 2013. I always liked that version of the Nighthawk and rather regret not buying the one I saw on clearout / special offer many years ago. P.
  11. Use another picture hosting site. FWIW I use Postimage.org. It's free and easy to use. P.
  12. A Very Merry Xmas and a Super 2020 to everyone. May the new year be everything you hope it might! Pip.
  13. Stating the obvious (hopefully) it is simply a Gibson SG Custom - not a Gibson Les Paul SG Custom. Some prankster has merely screwed a LPC truss-rod cover on it in place of the original. Informally the guitars of this incarnation are known as the 'Type 4 SG' and, yes, 1973 is almost certainly the year of manufacture of this example - which makes it one of the very early ones (the T-4 range was introduced in '73). Pip.
  14. pippy


    In all this time I never knew that you were Scottish! P.
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