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  1. Hi and welcome to the forum and congrats on acquiring a very beautiful 'bird. Up to you, of course, but changing the tuners would be a massive mistake - and that's an understatement. Happy Learning! P.
  2. pippy

    Do we like?

    Thanks for that, jdgm. A bit more 'Old Skool' than the ubiquitous use of numerous digital delays (not that I'm casting any aspersions in that direction whatsoever; highly impressive stuff!). Numerous uses spring to mind for this instrument used as a blues tool with some basic drone bass notes, strummed triplets left to resonate and with single-note fingerwork over the top of all. I wonder what music John Martyn could have performed in a live setting using this instrument?........ Very enjoyable and thought-provoking. Philip.
  3. At least it was 'just' a 1959 reissue. This is (was?) a real '59; P.
  4. Very Nice Haul, rct! Philip.
  5. Your wish is my command, Scales, and I hope everyone is well in these strange times! Almost universally the 1959 re-issues have just the 9 XXXX serial number (occasionally 9 XXXXX if more than 9,999 1959 reissues were made in any one year). The 'R' designation usage was originally merely an informal way of identifying these models by 'The Public'. AFAIK Gibson do not call, nor ever have called, a re-issue by the R prefix although there is almost(?) always an 'R9' (or 'R8' etc.) ink-stamp in the main control cavity. There are notable exceptions (such as the chambered reissues) but we needn't concern ourselves with matters which will only confuse the main issue. Pippy.
  6. I'll have One Bourbon, One scotch, One beer please. P.
  7. You are asking us to put sounds into words? OK; don't look (as it isn't the correct footage for the soundtrack) but listen... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hRu7Pt42x6Y That's it. That's why. That's all. Philip.
  8. You do know that this image isn't 'real'? Philip.
  9. Ah! OK. First thing I thought was 'His daughter uses a Leica M10! Smart Girl!...(*)'. The second thing I thought was 'That sounds exactly like it should have been a Leonard Cohen song!...' Third thing I thought was 'I rather like that song'. Good for him. (*) 0:45 mark. Very possibly an M10-M which is an utterly astonishing piece of kit. Philip.
  10. Hey, Ogre! Thanks very much for the Hi! Hope you are all doing really well! My very best to you all in these weird times! Philip.
  11. Thanks so much! We're staying VERY safe, I can assure you! Been thinking about you and yours in these strange times. It's not easy days! Wishing you and yours the very best, too! Philip.
  12. Ha! Ha! OK; see you guys in another two years! Stay Safe, Everyone! Philip.
  13. Hello there Big Boy! Who is going to explain to poor Uncle Social (on the occasion of his first post!) that this is what happens to a thread once it is assumed the question has been answered?... Philip.
  14. Well, we're taking the car over there in a couple of weeks' time so I'll be sure to post a snap of the 'haulage' on our return sometime mid- August... Philip.
  15. Hi to you, KB! Hope you are all doing well and staying safe in these strange days? I do pop in from time to time as and when I have a mo' but there seems to be a lot of strange internal niggling going on from some strange- and not so strange folks so I'm not sure what to make of the place these days... Hope everyone is really looking after themselves.
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