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P90's in the 2011 LP Trad Pro P90 guitar - are they different?

old mark

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I have a beautiful ebony Les Paul Trad Pro P 90 guitar that was a special run for Guitar Center in 2011. It has soapbar Alnico V P90's that have a tap - not a splitter. I love the guitar but the P90's in it seem to lack the drive and power that I find in EVERY other Gibson guitar I have with P90's...beautiful tone, just not as loud...








I do have the Gibson online fact sheet on these guitars and there is nothing specific on the pups other than the tap.


Is this somehow a different pickup other than the tap it the winding? Anyone with knowledge of these very interesting guitars?


I am just setting it up my way right now, and will experiment with pickup/pole piece height when I am doing this.



Thanks for any information on these guitars

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