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New Century Reissue Amp

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What an amp. Even more beautiful than I dared hope. Just stunning. It's products like these that make me love Epiphone.


How does it sound? Nice. Not spectacular. Quite a bit of punchy natural breakup. Wind up my Casino, plug it in the 'dark' input, pull the 'boost' switch and the Century surprises me with the kick in the butt it provides. The clean inputs also sound nice. I've yet to listen to it with some reverb dialed in... And I bet a tube screamer might add something. It's definitely powerful enough to use in a solo/coffee house setting. That's what I do mostly, so I'll get a chance to try it 'live' soon. It doesn't even begin to touch the tone of a nice Fender tube amp, and it's nowhere near loud enough to use with a full rock band -- but it's great for practice, tiny shows, and maybe recording.


And it is absolutely stunning. I can't wait to take it to a gig and bathe in the compliments. It looks that good. So glad I got this guy.

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