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Gibson SG standard 2014


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Hi all!

I'm new here.

And I am the happy owner of a new, beautiful guitar - Gibson SG standard 2014

post-68638-020719200 1416235419_thumb.jpg


This guitar on clean sound - perfection! :)

But i have some questions and all of these questions are not about the sound :) Please help



all Gibson USA SG standard 2014 have case – made in Costa Rica? or it is a mistake?

post-68638-009113600 1416235439_thumb.jpg



This photo show quality checklist and empty case inspection. Why empty?

post-68638-025463600 1416235431_thumb.jpg



please tell, how to safely remove the remnants of the factory polishing (it is she? is this normal?) in back Headstock

post-68638-086026100 1416235446_thumb.jpg




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Hello Ilya, and welcome to this nice place.


First, I'm glad you're fine with the sound of your SG. Would love to see some pics... [love]


Now to your questions.


As a matter of course I cannot know about all the SG Standard 2014 cases, but Gibson changed from having cases made in Canada to a vendor in Costa Rica during 2013. This applies at least to Gibson USA Les Paul and SG cases including mine.


The quality checklist of my Gibsons vary strongly. On some more points do miss marking off, on others less. Honestly, if I worked at the QC, had checked the case and no quality control slip at hand, where should I tick that item off? As a customer, I just don't care as long as it's fine.


Leaving buffing compound on the guitars is not fine, but rather common. You may use any nitro-safe guitar polish for removing it. When I did that in electric compartments, I used contact cleaner for that, and it also didn't hurt the finish.


Hope this helps.

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