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Hi. If you repied to this earlierthen please do so again cause i didnt get anything. so im retrying


Im new and am from South Africa.

I used one Fender Strat for 30 years and at last I managed to get a much and long desired Gibson SG Std.Its about 3-4 years old.

However I have problem. I noticed gaps all along the top and bottom of the steel frets where it meets with the ivory binding

This results in my 1st string getting stuck in the gap. The 6th is too thick to go into the gaps.

Is this normal. Any advice on closing those gaps. I hope the site allows to attach 2 pics

post-68905-076083100 1417467809_thumb.jpg

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Hello Gotty!


A snap I took yesterday:




As You can see from the condition of the frets, I did the nib correction right before fret crowning became necessary.


Crowning will be done in the coming weeks - as time allows.


Best wishes... Bence

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Hi Bence


Looks very good. Its not even noticable.

Where do you live maybe you should come do mine man.


I will be tackling mine within the next couple of days cause its on my mind all the time.


Hey im really impressed with yours and it gives the courage I need to do it.




Will keep you posted



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I am quite far from Your beautiful town (which is the most beautiful place I`ve ever been to). If I am not mistaken, You are in Capetown, right? I am in middle of Europe.


Depending on how disturbing the issue on Your guitar is, - if it`s not horrible - it is really wise to wait until it develops some fret wear. Because, when this correction is done, You will have to crown the frets anyways, with a tool such as this:




Cheers... Bence

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