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If you're a fan of David Gilmour, you might really like this...


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My first "real" guitar was a used Les Paul when I started out, so I thought the Gibson forum was the place to share this. This was recorded with an R7 direct into an old Marshall JCM800. It's kind of a bluesy love note to David Gilmour playing style. This is the product of really getting much more heavily into playing over the last 5 years. That first really great custom shop model that came my way really made playing so much fun for me again. So big thanks to the custom shop! Anyway, I hope you guitar fans like it.

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I really enjoy the grind of this amplifier. I love the sound of this guitar, the EQ is spot on for a bridge pickup. Imagine how warm it would be with a small amount of neck pickup mixed in, and then throw into some neck-only lines, such as the 2 minute marks warm chordal grind.


All in all, I jam this track all the time. It makes me want to play guitar, no small compliment.


I see you are reminded of Gilmour, but I'd like to suggest Jennifer Turner's playing on Carnival. It is almost as though someone broke the guitar out of the recording and gave it to you.


Years back a forum post asked what was your favorite guitar tone? My #1 answer was Jen Turners' Carnival. Accept-Balls to the Wall was a very close 2nd. ;)

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