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ThroBak P.A.F.s vs 57' Classics


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Hello people,


The topic says it all. Wondering if anyone has compared ThroBak humbuckers with the 57' Classics? I got a pair of 57' Classics in my ES-175, and I have always liked em, but then, I've heard vintage humbuckers with a rich, slightly rough and beautifully complex tonality I've never been able to bring outta mine. Mine sound real clean, which I like. But the one thing that really bugs me about them is that I find the midtones a bit... well... dull and kinda insipid. Like it's too neutral; not much darkness, not much depth to it.


I usually work around this this on my amp, by compensating with high bass and treble. So I was tossing up an upgrade, but then the ThroBaks are pretty pricey, and the 57' Classics are already beautiful pick-ups.


Any ideas or experiences? For what it's worth, two of my fav. musicians, Chicago gutarist Joel Paterson and R&B revivalist Nick Waterhouse use the ThroBaks. That counts for a quite bit in my eyes.


Oh and I mostly play through a Vox Nighttrain. Beautiful little 15w valve number.



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