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Original Epiphone Excellentes vs. Reissues


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Just for anyone's interest as to how original Epiphone Excellentes compare to their later reissues,


here is my concise finding based on those I have owned and played:


A) Original Excellentes deserve being called Epiphone's top of line dread as their quality

and playablity is excellent. Mine is a 66.


B) The 93-94 Bozeman made reissues are about equal in overall quality to the originals except for

their Indian Rose wood construction versus Brazilian for the originals


C) The 96 Korean reissues are of much lower quality as compared to both the originals and the Bozeman made reissues.However, inspite of their being a laminate instrument,the build quality and

finish is very good.. Their playability is also very good if set up right. The tone of those I have personally owned is much inferior to that of the Bozeman reissues but their looks are dynamite.



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Still like to know the original cost of the Korean re-issue 1996.Th guy that sold me my 96 natural said £600.

That's not cheap, then or now. The natural & 96 sunburst both sound & play great.


El Capitan: please note the corrections I have made regarding the Korean reissues

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