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Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 (2008 USA) - authenticity verification


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I'm new here, so I'd like to say hi. I'm Peter and I'm from Poland.

Here's the thing - I own Gibson Les Paul Classic 1960 (from 2008). I'm the third owner. Now I want to sell my Gibby. Unfortunatelly, the last owner didn't give me any gibson papers/bills. People who are interested in buying are asking for them.

Is there any way to verify the authenticity of my Gibson? Maybe a copy of papers from Gibson or an e-mail verification? I'm 100% sure that it's original, but the other people might have some doubts ;)

Here's the link to .zip file with photos if it could help: http://wyslijto.pl/plik/dhy5rs5w0a

Thank's for all Your help.



EDIT: here's another link to the photos (without zipping them :) ): http://imgur.com/a/6p5wC

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Hello Peter and welcome to the Forums!


I am not sure if Gibson can provide You a copy of the original papers. By the way, this model did not come with a Certificate of Authencity, like the Gibson Custom Shop models. This one probably came with a simple Owner`s Manual.


The only unique document to this instrument would be the original bill. Obviously, the original seller (importer, dealer) will not do that either.


Drop a mail to the Customer Service with the serial number. They will verify it`s authencity.


Cheers... Bence

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Most Gibson's do NOT come with paperwork or certificates regardless. So, those asking for them do not know what they are talking about or asking for.


So...any such "verification" for a guitar that never came with it could only be faked I would think.


I think an easier route to take, would be to basically ignore those that ask for it, or invite them to verify it themselves, the only way it can really be done: by having someone who knows how to tell a real Gibby look at it.


Or, sell to someone who knows what it is.

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