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SG Special specs


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Hi all.

I'd like to know some specifications about the SGs Special produced between the '90s and 2008.

I precised "between the '90s and 2008" because I'm not looking for a new SG (only used), and because too many different "SG Special" have been made during the last years.


• Standard finished SG Specials: wine red, ebony or cherry (gloss) finish. No white, ferrari red, natural etc.

• Rosewood fingerboard, with dots inlays and without neck binding.

• With 490r/490t pickups.


A very standard SG Special [biggrin]


Here are the questions:


• Which neck profile did these Specials ('90s-2008 circa) have?

• Compared to the Standards, the neck joint at which fret starts?

• Last but not least..how much could be worth for a Special from the '90s-early '00s?



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