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1938 Gibson HG-0


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Hello, I am posting just in hopes of getting any tips or knowledge on my 1938 Gibson HG-0. My grandfather gave it to me ten years ago, and it has just sat in my closet in the original case the whole time. I am hoping to get a better case for it, as durable as possible.


First off, does anyone know a hard case that would fit this guitar properly? Or does anyone have all of the dimensions for this guitar?


Second, a slight haze has formed on my finish, I believe from moisture being in the air, as I live a mile from the ocean. Is there anything I can do about this without damaging the finish? Will a humidifier help, or will it do the opposite if I already live in a moist area.


Third, the bridge has slightly come off the guitar over time, so I keep the strings slack. Is it bad to be keeping the strings slack, and will having the bridge re-glued lower the value?


I apologize if any of this seems like obvious stuff, I just don't know anything about vintage guitars or proper storage/repair etc.


Thanks so much for any help!

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Your guitar has the same body as the L-O/L-00 models from the same period in the late 1930's as the HG-O.


The dimensions of the case you posted are, as you say, about 1/4" smaller at key locations. Without trying the guitar, there is no way to know if it would fit.


Gibson currently produces several L-OO versions with this same body plan, but with a different neck. You might contact Gibson customer service in Bozeman to see if they can advise you on sourcing a case for the guitar.

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I have a '37 HG-00, are we talking about the same guitar? I only ask because you say HG-0 and someone repeated it in a reply. Is there a model I don't know about? honestly asking since I am not the most knowledgeable on these things.


I have inquired about a new Gibson case and it was going to be about $150 Canadian if I remember right. i never actually tried putting it in one because the store didn't have any in stock, but they are made for guitars with a 14-fret neck so maybe the geometry is different. I keep mine in a classical case that came with it. I have purchased the exact same case in the past and it cost about $90 Canadian. It is a bit loose up around the headstock, but I just throw a T-shirt in with it to keep it from moving around.


You will need the bridge reglued and if it is done by a competent luthier it will only positively effect the value. It's not even an expensive repair. They can probably adivse about the ha=zing and humidity.


The great news about these guitars is they generally never need a neck reset since they were built for hightension and have necks like baseball bats. They're known as great fingerpicking guitars. People like the wide spacing between the strings. Some people swear they have some extra mojo because the bridge is in a slightly different position (more central over the belly I think,) but i haven't played enough L-00s to know the difference.


Finally, I love that colour scheme. Mine has a beautiful sunburst, but black and tiger-stripe is sweet. I think that's a rarer variation and may positively effect the value. Get used to people telling you how awesome it is. It's a little embarassing...

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