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  1. That's an impressive number, and it isn't surprising.
  2. Tasty, BK, very tasty. What are you using for strings? The 000 body size works well for blues. Totally different tone compared to L-bodied Gibsons, but really good for this style of blues.
  3. About 30 years ago, a friend of mine had a Tiger with a big freaking Ford V-8 putting out something like 350 hp. My '74 911 produced all of about 170 hp. He would completely blow me off in a straight line, but the weight distribution bias of the Tiger was so off that I could normally stay up with him or beat him on a timed road course, even though I'm not a particularly aggressive driver, having swapped ends on the 911 on several occasions. We had about a seven mile oceanside road course (Ocean Drive) where I lived in Newport, RI then. It was a lovely narrow road with sharp bends and swee
  4. Those would be 1958-1962 models. One of my best friends in high school (early 1960's) had what I think was a '59. (Actually belonged to his older brother.) Turquoise, with white side inserts. Cool, but it was an automatic. I distinctly remember going to the Chevrolet dealership with my dad to see the first '63 coupe they had. Still love that one. Those wheels on Bruce's are aftermarket.
  5. I assume that's a Danny Clinch photo of Bruce, although it's almost in Richard Avedon style. There are some nice Clinch photos of Springsteen with an old J-45 early in his career.
  6. After looking at more photos, I believe you are correct: Hummingbird Pro.
  7. Welcome, and congratulations on your new Songwriter.
  8. "Overpaying" to me means paying fair market value or more. And yes, I have, on several occasions, just because I really wanted the guitar. Usually, if it isn't a deal, I won't even look at it. Well, maybe I'll at least look at it. I have never dramatically overpaid--say more than about 10% above fair market value. Like you, I feel like that has been somewhat offset by getting very good deals on other guitars, whether vintage or modern. I have only lost money on one vintage re-sale, but that was one I probably overpaid for in the first place, and then put a fair amount of money
  9. Now, all you are missing is a few Gibsons to round things out.
  10. It's nice until you look at it with a magnifying glass, when you can tell that the pattern is printed on the material. If it really bothered me, I'd get a real celluloid one made.
  11. If you don't like the inlaid EC signature, you can probably black it out with a Sharpie. I'm not that picky. The general specs are really good, from my perspective. The only thing I really don't like is the pixilated printed pickguard. I should play mine more. Strings haven't been changed in several years. Still, I tuned it up and played it tonight. It's nice. I may keep it after all. By the way, the EC signature is at the 20th fret on mine.
  12. I agree. The dread body shape is not common. I've never seen one in the flesh. It can't possible intonate properly with steel strings and a straight saddle. Neither fish, nor fowl.
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