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  1. Take it with you, but recognize that it may only be in perfect cosmetic condition the day it leaves the plant in Bozeman. That doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of it, but it is a reflection of reality with regard to virtually any guitar that gets played.
  2. You can use a credit card with him, but you have to call him up and give him the number.
  3. Well, you are confirming what many of us have known for a long time: The Gibson J45/J50/SJ is the perfect guitar for the singer-songwriter. The original discussion here related to the J45 vs the SJ 200 in a rock-n-roll setting, which typically includes amplified or pure electric instruments such as an electric bass and maybe electric guitars, drums, and even keyboards. This has a whole different set of considerations from the solo performer situation.
  4. Now that was a bit weird! Sort of a captive audience, in a manner of speaking.
  5. Clapton also played an early 1960's ('63 or '64--can't remember which) red ES-335. It's know as the Crossroads guitar, since it was apparently used on the Cream album with the "Live from the Fillmore" version of Crossroad. You can catch glimpses of it in this video. Crossroad Of course, Clapton could play on anything and it would sound great.
  6. That's a totally different consideration, and I understand why you have the preferences you have.
  7. You get what you pay for. It's not that hard to order from him. Are you trying to replace what you have, or what?
  8. That looks like a dent in the lacquer, not a crack.
  9. Welcome to the forum. There is nothing special about Gibson-made bone nuts, saddles, or pins. Not sure Gibson even supplies bone pins. Lots of folks here buy them from Bob Colosi, who will custom-make whatever you want from a variety of materials. He can also custom age bone for an older look. I have bought many sets of pins from him over the years. Here is a link to his website: Bob Colosi
  10. This one might be right up your alley, ZW. It looks pretty nice. Sovereign
  11. Below is a link to the video of the entire February 2020 acoustic Who concert. In some ways it's a shame that it's just something shot from the audience, but in other ways it give a great feel for a small-venue live concert. These are almost never as refined as the "real" recordings, but they have an energy and feel all their own. God but I miss small live concerts like this! A couple of highlights from my perspective: about 24 minutes in, a nice version of Behind Blue Eyes. And right at 54 minutes, Townshend switches from fingerpicking to flatpicking, grabbing a new pick off a spec
  12. Yes. The video quality is terrible, but listen to Townshend's J-200 in this solo version of "Won't Get Fooled Again". What guitar would you pick for this: SJ-200 or J-45? Acoustic Townshend Now throw this into the electric mix of the Who and ask the same question, especially when you have to mix with Thunderfingers Entwhistle on bass. Or, this acoustic version of "Pinball Wizard" from what remains of the original Who (Townshend and Daltrey) today, from a concert just over a year ago and just before the pandemic cancelled everything. (skip to about 2 minutes in if you want
  13. That was much better than most comparison of these types. First off, that J-200 is a TV model, and I can't tell if it is rosewood or maple. I sounds more like rosewood to me, but I don't have a good frame of reference for the J-200 tonally. The J-200 has a big, bright voice, and you could understand why an acoustic rock guitarist would choose it over a J-45. It's hard to imagine Pete Townshend or Jimmy Page flailing away on a J-45. Different guitars for different purposes. The J-45 is mids-focused, the SJ shines at the top and bottom. Both are really nice guitars.
  14. JT, that is about as cool as it gets. Probably more fun than teaching law students.
  15. Nah, they're just egging folks on. It's sort of a sport here, since a lot of folks seem to want that enabling. If I have to make the choice between another guitar or dockage for my boat, I really have first-world problems.
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