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  1. Thanks for posting this. I love the sound of James's playing on those early records. It's a good lesson for a fellow like me who claims that a Gibson with an adjustable bridge can't possibly be any good. Yeah, a lot of the tone is in James's hands. But a great sounding guitar is a great sounding guitar, regardless of its woods, bridge configuration, and any other details. I confess to getting lost way too often is those meaningless details. This video is a great reminder to listen with my ears, not my eyes. Again, thanks for posting this.
  2. A pair of 1936 firestripes. OK, you can only see the one pickguard, but I like the photo. 🙂
  3. Love the video. Thanks for sharing it. An an anecdote about those CSN D-45s. At the second Fretboard Summit hosted by Fretboard Journal, David Crosby brought his D-45. He left it in a room for everyone attending to play. A very cool experience.
  4. Thanks, Tom! Fabulous stuff, as always. And please do keep pickin'
  5. Oh, I don't know. We talked about it a couple of times when we met. He really like my LG-1. But then Bill got sick and I simply wished him well when we spoke.
  6. Bill and I talked about it. He was definitely interested. Sadly, he ran our of time.
  7. I love the sound of that 1944, all-mahogany LG-2! Makes me miss my 1943 LG-1, which is the same guitar, but with fancier trim (fancy rosette, multiple purflings top and back). My LG-1 is on long-term loan to Jennifer Nettles, with whom I'm working on a project.
  8. Yes, a batch 910 rosewood SJ! In truth, I would complete my Banner collection. I've got a first year SJ and a first year LG-1, and an only year Banner L-50. Were I blessed with a windfall, I'd complete my collection with first year examples of the J-45, J-50, LG-2, and LG-3.
  9. The spec sheets list "black ebonized strip" for J-45, J-50, LG-1, LG-2, and LG-3. The sheet specifies "inlaid purfling in center line" for the SJ. So, maybe the center line was different for the SJ.
  10. 10 minutes with Willi would provide you more information than a week with me.
  11. Beautiful guitar! Congratulations. It's interesting to see Gibson put fingerboard binding on a guitar with a banner logo. The first SJs did have fingerboard binding, but had the 1930s, banner-less logo. Willi Henkes and I think of them as prototypes (well, Willi's characterization and, as always, I defer to him and his vast knowledge about all things vintage guitar). As for the dates of the earliest SJs, Gibson shipped the first SJ on August 11, 1943.
  12. Consistently inconsistent! Those "skunk stripes" on the backs are, according to the original spec sheets, a "black ebonized strip"--a dyed piece of hardwood, probably maple. I've lucked upon the original Banner specification sheets. Cause for a second edition ... some day. 🙂
  13. A beautiful guitar! Thanks for sharing it with us.
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