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  1. jt

    John Prine

    Thank you. Challenging times. Take care, be well, and rave on.
  2. jt

    John Prine

    So curious. About a half an hour ago, amid these trying times, including losing to COVID-19 yesterday an otherwise healthy 35 year old friend, I turned to some of the deepest, most meaningful art I've ever encountered: John Prine's first album. A few minutes later, I learn this. What a time. My friend was--"was," what a horrifying word--well, was a neighbor and member of my monthly book club, which most often met in my home. She was a vivacious, intellectually curious, voracious reader, and otherwise healthy young woman.
  3. They certainly didn't stay in Kalamazoo!
  4. As others have pointed out, none of the post production modifications were done by Gibson: the finish, the pickguard, the bizarre backstrip and purfling around the back. Even an excellent, professional grade refinish diminishes a vintage guitar's value by approximately 50%. There's nothing remotely excellent or professional about the refinish of this instrument.
  5. Fabulous, Lars! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.
  6. jt

    Another new song

    Absolutely lovely. Thanks so much for sharing with us.
  7. Thanks for doing the measuring, Dave. The results show the difficulty of aligning strip tuners on a headstock with curved sides! I would have chimed in, but two of my Banners are currently on long term loan (to Jennifer Nettles and Emily Saliers).
  8. Finish doesn't appear to be original (though, a 1930 L-1 would not have had a pickguard) and bridge is an oversized replacement. Given these observations, price seems about right.
  9. Such an interesting company. As with nearly every Banner reissue (including Gibson's reissues of guitars from my own collection), the guitars feature a logo applied at the wrong angle (straight across the headstock, rather than at the appropriate angle). And, both the LG-2 and J-45 feature an incorrect rosette. So strange. You'd think that they hadn't received my originals, and held on to them for nearly a year.
  10. All but the SJs had rectangular bridges. Of the SJs, probably half had belly down.
  11. Thanks for linking to my and Willi's Banner Registry, Nick! I agree with Nick's observations, except that there were no belly-up bridges during the Banner years.
  12. Banner Gibsons, and especially SJs, are my wheelhouse. Pics, please. 🙂
  13. You've stipulated that you "maintain the humidity of the room." Given this, a change of 15, 20, or, sheesh, even 40 degrees (fahrenheit), will not harm your guitars.
  14. jt

    The workhorse

    I agree. I've communicated frequently over the past couple of years with the consortium that owns 225 Parsons Street. I'm optimistic about the future. I'm also really grateful for their embrace of my projects.
  15. jt

    The workhorse

    I've visited the building for Kalamazoo Gal-related events twice within past month. The stack has not been reassembled, but the owners are still committed to the renovation plan, which includes restoration of the stack. For a variety of reasons, progress stalled, but will re-start this summer.
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