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  1. A lovely 1946 LG-2! Thank you for sharing it with us. It's fabulous that your friend and her father (and his luthier) saved the original bridge, bridge plate, and tuners. I hope the guitar will be restored to its original glory someday using those parts. Thanks, again.
  2. Well, it's Gibson, so no logic involved! 🙂 The Banner/WWII-era SJs featured both the belly-down and rectangular bridges. Gibson seems to have made the switch from belly to rectangular in late 1945. The Banner SJs never had the belly-up bridge.
  3. A wonderful collection! Thanks for sharing it with us.
  4. Thank you for the very kind words. What a privilege it has been for me to own these things. I have lent them far and wide. Emily Saliers (of the Indigo Girs) had one of my Banner SJs for a year. Jenniffer Nettles (of Sugarland) had the LG-1 for a year. My went-to-WWII SJ spent over a year in a museum. And on and on. I'm a lucky fellow, especially given my personal challenges. OK, off to play that Banner LG-3!
  5. And plays it well, sings it beautifully, and writes a deeply meaningful song. I love mahogany-topped Banners. That guitar is extraordinary and I'm humbled and honored to be able to put it in Mae's hands.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. The necks are nearly identical on all three. A nice, full, rounded C. Not as big as the 1944 necks that didn't have metal trussrods. The LG-2 is the oldest known Banner. It's the second guitar from the first batch of Banners. A young US soldier took it to the Pacific theater during WWII. The LG-3 is my fave of the 3, usually. Also purchased by a young US soldier in 1943, but he left it at home, under a bed. minty. Not a hint of freeware. It's 1 of 130 Banner LG-3s ever shipped. But I also love the LG-1. 1 of 139 of those Banner, X-braced LG-1s ever shipped. As some folks know, I often loan my guitars. The LG-2 has been in the hands of the wonderful Mia Byrne for 6 months, or so. The equally wonderful Mae Valeria has had my LG-1 for a similar amount of time. She's just been named a finalist in NPR's Tiny Desk Contest for her entry that she played on the guitar: So, I'll be playing the LG-3 tonight! 🙂
  7. I'm an LG fanatic! Gibson based the guitar on its classical guitar body, making it the equivalent of a Martin 00-sized guitar.
  8. jt


    A beautiful instrument! Congratulations.
  9. I've long wondered about this. When I was in Bozeman touring the factory, I asked this precise question while standing in front of the CNC machine that was cutting necks. My tour guide responded, "We just can't do that." But the CNC could easily have been programmed to taper the headstock. Certainly, it wasn't a question of sufficient wood. The machine spits out necks with non-tapered headstocks. Tapering would simply have involved a bit of programming and the shaving off a bit of wood from the necks the machine was ejecting.
  10. Yet another reason why I question the authenticity of the photo.
  11. The fingerboard is bound in wood. It's possible, I suppose, that Gibson cut the fret slots with a router and didn't cut all the way through to the edges of the fingerboard. But the grain (in a very grainy photo) appears wrong for that. It looks to me like a fingerboard bound in wood. But regardless, that's not fret sprout. The tang on the offending fret has not been cut back so as not to protrude to the edge of the fingerboard. Again, I suspect the photo. It seems nearly impossible that the guitar left the factory like that.
  12. The fret "sprouted" cleanly through the fingerboard binding? I don't think so.
  13. This is pathetic quality control (if the post and pic are legit). A bound fingerboard and someone hammers one fret through the fingerboard binding? Frankly, unbelievable. I would not even consider keeping the guitar.
  14. Thank you, my friend. It has been a fascinating, 4-year journey. There are interesting times ahead of me. I will live every moment to my fullest. And, yeah, I'll play my Gibsons as often as I can.
  15. Thank you for the kind words! That's a cool guitar that you have! One of my Banners has a laminated neck. It's my went-to-WWII SJ:
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