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  1. I've had a set of Monels on my maple b/s L-00 for 7 months, and yesterday I thought they sounded the best yet! Put a set of Elixir Nano's on my Crossroads a few months ago and they've begun to wear in sweetly. Just takes some time with the varying humidity and temp for those old woods to settle in😎
  2. I'm having a great time holing up in the music room. Funny thing is I have a boat load of equipment, and what I gravitate too is simply picking up my L-00 and concentrating on refining my technique! Even in this pandemic insanity, i'm loving my play time- hope you all are too🍺
  3. Ahhh...*life is like a beanstalk, isn't it?*
  4. Isn't this guy Ricky Gervis? Great Martin 😎
  5. My buddy plays wineries and small venues...for 30 + years. His wife never learned to play any instrument. That has all changed in the last year. She took a liking to a Yamaha I sold him, and she has begun to "play". It's never to late to start!(And she cuts her nails)😎
  6. can't wait to see your write-up!!!!
  7. I'm going to try the shim for my NLucas. I've got a very low saddle on the Bass E side and need to get the buzz from frets 9-14 ironed out. Worth a try!
  8. Geez.......makes me wanna get on my knees and pray
  9. +1 on the Cannoli........with techs nearby you're covered
  10. Sometimes it affects the judgement of the buyer. A certain body style is what I gravitate towards.
  11. Yup......hoping to get my hands on one, soon
  12. Great to finally find a post on the new G-45 standard. Should of been in this forum! Got to take it where ya find 'em😉
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