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  1. some new G-45 owners tell us what is it like!!!!!!
  2. My 2 cents....You say you are a Gibson guy? That usually equates to liking the Gibson neck and the 12 radius. The Martin neck will vary, but the radius is 16-very flat as you go up the neck. If you are a strummer, you will find that barre chords are easier with the 12 radius. Can'r remember the Guild radius...but if it's 16 the same outcome applies.
  3. Same here! Great little Gibson!
  4. I agree....anyone know who to contact?
  5. Thought I'd see what the first thoughts of members are...
  6. Will there be a Gibson classified to sell guitars and gear?
  7. I like it....where are we?
  8. I like your pork infused set up! Out my way it's raining and dreary=perfect day for the couch guitar and some nap time ;)
  9. Then IMO, a L-00 will be good for ya! You'll never know until you spend time with one......they can be highly addictive
  10. Actually it's the builder that gets the extended life benefits
  11. John Pearse PB's......maple at its best
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