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  1. It's such a contrast to my Southern Jumbo I'm appreciating that more too
  2. So what's the difference in sound between the two maples?
  3. A couple of months ago I wandered into a guitar store in Seattle that had this 1992 Guild JF 30 Maple. I had been wanting a Maple and the Gibsons were pricey. Besides being dusty it was in great shape and is just a fantastic guitar, it's easy to play and sounds wonderful. I put John Pearse bluegrass on them.
  4. That store is about three miles from my house
  5. I have mediums on my newly acquired guild JF 30 Maple, southern Jumbo, and Martin HD 28 VTS and they sound great on all of them. I like lights too though.
  6. Why don't people use mediums anymore? Just asking
  7. It probably is for some people but it seems really easy to play for me. I'm strumming and finger picking blues stuff but truth be told so far it seems like a great all around guitar. I've tried some flatpicking and it sounds just as good. First Maple guitar too and I can tell the difference
  8. Hi all, just got a Guild JF-30 Maple from about 1993. Love this guitar, a great complement to my Southern Jumbo.
  9. This is not helping my lust for a Nick Lucas L100 Maple on sale somewhere
  10. Sound great on the Southern Jumbo. Actually I've tried the pyramids, Martin retros, and a few others and they all sound good (I just have a good guitar 😉), but these may be the best. They strike the right balance it seems. I do like experimenting, any other suggestions?
  11. No!! The railing is not for the drunk or tall
  12. The squirrels are always running on the rails, they're pretty nimble. As for the trees they're cedar and Doug firs.
  13. Great afternoon in the Pacific Northwest to sit on the porch and learn Mississippi John Hurt tunes on a much beloved Southern Jumbo.
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