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  1. They've done well on my Southern Jumbo in the past
  2. So I put pyramid pbs on my Guild Maple Jumbo and hated it. The bass strings sounded awful, too metallic but not like the nickels. I put 80/20 mediums on them and they sound great
  3. That's interesting, looking for new strings for my Guild Maple Jumbo, this seems to say I should get Phosphor Bronze
  4. I have 80/20 on my Southern Jumbo and they sound fantastic
  5. I have a Martin HD 28 VTS- Torrefied top. It's a wonderful guitar, not too boomy like a lot of HD 28s, but more depth than a D 28,
  6. Listening to the Stones acoustic stuff on Exile, Sticky Fingers, Let it Bleed and loving the sound of Keith's Hummingbird. Strangely enough I don't have a Hummingbird I have a Southern Jumbo but that's what got me started.
  7. Has anyone ever owned one or played one? It looks cool, really expensive though
  8. Sounds amazing in the video, I thought my GAS was cured but that sounds really nice
  9. So, since it seems that Gibson was discontinuing their strings for some new version I went on Amazon to get the masterbuilt but also ordered the Gibson J200 phosphor bronze light and mediums for the heck of it. Do people like them? I know they're for the j200 but I have a Southern Jumbo and a Guild JF 30 Maple
  10. For what it's worth I just ordered the former Gibson j200 strings on Amazon, one medium and one light, for my Guild JF30 Maple
  11. Saw this on the AGF and it got me thinking what the pros here would say for those who have all different models and why. I've only had two, a J45 custom rosewood and a Southern Jumbo and while I like them both the Southern Jumbo is my favorite and after a year or two seems to have broken in a little. It's fundamental and dry without being brittle and it's resonant enough without too much sustain. Just a great guitar, but anyway I'd love to hear everyone's opinion.
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