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  1. Can I ask what about the 185 suffers in comparison to your other guitars?
  2. I think it's really cool for you to do this
  3. I almost bought the Taylor 614ce at the local shop. Wanted a Maple, bonus money burning a hole in my pocket but something was holding me back, as nice as the guitar was. Then saw the Nick Lucas L 100 Maple on sale over at AGF and couldn't plunk my money down fast enough enough, don't regret the choice at all, but the Taylor was just "nice", I'm still learning the Lucas- it has a really unusual depth and tone
  4. Thanks! I have a Southern Jumbo, maybe it will go on next
  5. When they were discontinuing these I bought some packs, just because. Do people like them, dislike them, what Gibsons or types are they good for besides a J200? I have a Guild Maple Jumbo they'd probably be good for, any other suggestions?
  6. I almost bought a Taylor 614ce, was dithering about the price, etc., It had a really warm sound, but it was also articulate- like Maple is. But I had trouble justifying buying another dread then Nick Lucas Maple L100 was for sale on the AGF forum at a HUGE discount just because of a finish issue on the side that no one could see due to someone leaving some humidipack in the case next to the guitar. I jumped on it and don't regret it at all, but that Taylor was also really nice
  7. I remember GC had a walnut J45 a few years ago, it was very very nice sounding.
  8. I have a Nick Lucas L100, which is great for blues fingerpicking, which I'm trying to learn, poorly. It's Maple, 24 1/2 scale length and 1 3/4 nut and 4.5" depth at the tail. It's fantastic, I'm not worthy of it. It was a limited run from a few years ago, but if you see one for sale in the wild.....
  9. I have an HD28 with the baked top, and a Southern Jumbo. I think if I was just strumming them they would sound similar, but lately I haven't been doing that. To me, the HD 28 sounds absolute gorgeous when I'm fingerpicking with alternate tunings etc and the Southern Jumbo sounds better when I want something that doesn't have the overtones, like blues.
  10. The Southern Jumbo is the most versatile of the lot, I love them all and the Nick Lucas is really unusual
  11. A Nick Lucas L100 Maple and Southern Jumbo. Plus Guild JF 30 and Martin HD 28. Lovethese guitars. Love to see other photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/7XfvNJMCFnNGfiMW9
  12. I have two Maple guitars right now, a Guild JF 30, and a Nick Lucas L100 Maple. Both are great guitars, the Guild is fantastic for strumming.
  13. Yes, there was a long discussion about this with photos and everything. When I was shopping for one and compared the J45 and the SJ, the SJ had a more clear tone. I bought the SJ because it was a little crisper-. Very happy with my choice. I think Southern Jumbos are kind of forgotten but they do seem to sound different than the J45, for whatever reason
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