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  1. Sunbeams on my Southern jumbo were great
  2. I have a JF 30 6 string 92 or 93, absolutely love that guitar, hope yours is great
  3. These are songs I learned a bit ago but I like to keep working on them:. Windy and Warm and In Christ there is no East or West (John Fahey version)
  4. They are tanks. Really versatile guitar, sounds great fingerpicking and strummed. Not a lot of bottom end, DR Rares sound great on it.
  5. I have a modern Nick Lucas maple I bought used. It’s the one in this video, fantastic guitar https://youtu.be/YcBn38hffQw
  6. Dunno what strings I had on it but after not playing it for a couple of weeks picked it up and resumed trying to learn the Fahey version of In Christ there is no East or West, poorly. However the sound is amazing! Woody, yet clear and deep. Just deep happiness listening to it despite my fumbling
  7. From their historic line this year? Curious what they're like
  8. It's been fun, but frankly a bit of a mixed bag. My wife hasn't played consistently in a long time whereas I've been taking lessons for years and while I'm not great I'm barely competent. So for example we are trying to play the John Fahey In Christ there is no Easy or West, a great song but a good portion of our time is spent helping her with stuff that now is second nature to me. On the other hand it makes me realize that my lessons have had some effect, it's still nice to play with her, and I get to hear someone play the Nick Lucas which is a really fantastic and unusual guitar.
  9. That's interesting. I felt the same way, until I tried these on the guild. Usually I like bluegrass gauge.
  10. I really liked the EJ 17s on my Guild JF 30 Maple. I know that's not relevant to anything anyone is discussing, I just thought I'd say it
  11. Spent part of last night playing my Southern Jumbo while the wife played the Nick Lucas Maple, with light strings. It was fun. Both really nice guitars; the Southern Jumbo was warm and focused, the Nick Lucas has a very deep sound when fingerpicking, quite unusual. Kind of went well together. Anyways, just sharing a Sunday Gibson thought
  12. I had Pyramid Silver Plated strings on my Southern Jumbo. That would brighten things up!
  13. I don't have a SJ200, I do have a Guild Maple Jumbo (JF 30) and for whatever it's worth the DR Rare Bluegrass gauge sound great.
  14. Using them on my Southern Jumbo. Really dumb marketing, calling them "country music", but they're actually pretty good
  15. I've had DR Sunbeams bluegrass gauge on my Southern Jumbo and the gauge works great.
  16. I've never looked on the inside of any of my guitars to check the glue marks. Maybe I should I guess, I just never saw a reason to if I was happy with the sound
  17. It was a regular Southern Jumbo vs a regular J45. I asked the person at the store if I was hearing it right and he said yes and I have trusted his opinion throughout the years.
  18. I swear when I compared the J45 to the Southern Jumbo in the store before buying the SJ- the sound was different. The SJ was a little more articulate, I've seen reviews by others saying the same thing.
  19. I have a Martin HD 28 VTS (aged top), and a Southern Jumbo, a Guild Maple Jumbo, and a Gibson Nick Lucas Maple. I also am trying to learn blues fingerpicking. Of all the pairs, the Martin and the Southern Jumbo are the most similar (they are different though, don't get me wrong), but if you want something with a really different sound I'd consider a Maple Gibson like a j 200 or a dove.
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