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  1. I've got one of these! It was a limited run of 60 (?) It has a 50's style neck that rings like a pitch-fork! Original 1956 Les Pauls were all goldtops, and the 1st with a tune-a-matic bridge. The story goes that 1 person ordered one in the sunburst finish, and since they were meant to be painted gold, it had a plain-top. There was only 1 made like that. I went shopping for a goldtop at Norman's Rare Guitars and they had 3 I tried, but this oddball one was my favorite.
  2. My bookmark said "Music Villa" but the page doesn't exist anymore. I must have saved the photo from there. The Reverb ones are different. What made it unique is the Martin pickguard and the Guild bridge.
  3. That's obviously a different one that Zombywoof posted the link to. "The Gibson" was not on the headstock of my friend's guitar. I can't find any more info on it. Because it had belonged to a famous musician, we always figured it was custom built. But why 12 fret instead of lucky 13? It baffles logic!
  4. After this happened to my friend, I made a list of all my guitar's serial numbers and store them with their COA's in my files. Here's the ended listing I found for this guitar. I've never seen another quite like it. https://reverb.com/item/1627736-gibson-nick-lucas-2006-natural
  5. I took a friend of mine to a vintage guitar show in LA many years ago. He was looking for an acoustic guitar and I saw a Gibson Nick Lucas RI with a natural finish that looked interesting. I'd never seen one that wasn't sunburst and I told my friend that if he didn't buy it, I would! As he made his purchase, we learned that it came from the collection of the recently deceased guitar player Doug Fieger. Later, after I inspected it further, I realised that this was a recreation of Bob Dylan's Nick Lucas from his early days! Although this was a 12 fret ( Bob's was 13) it had the natural top, rosewood back and sides, the Martin pickguard, and the Guild bridge! (for specifics of the original- research it) Such a cool guitar! Long story-short/ my friend's house was broken into and several guitars were stolen. We were both heartbroken! For months I scoured the internet, looking for anybody trying to sell a similar guitar. He eventually got an insurance settlement and tried to forget about it. A couple years later, I decided to try a search again and low and behold- I got 2 hits! One of them an online seller in Canada. It had been sold. The pictures posted left no doubt this was the same guitar. My friend had never taken a photo of the guitar, and the bill of sale was still in the case! Nothing we could do, I guess.
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