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Please help Identify Custom Shop LP Custom Pro

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Hello Everyone! Just seeking some extra info on the Gem I recently acquired. The SN is CS200654. So if I understand correctly, it is a 2002, Gibson Custom LP Custom Pro, as you can see on the COA it says the model is a "GC Custom Pro"...What does the GC mean?


Also, what color is it?? I've posted some pictures in some FB groups, and a lot of people said Rootbeer, and some said a "light Trans Black".... I highly doubt either because it has a purple/pink tint to it...


A couple other differences to the specs on the Custom Shop Site is that mine has a 60's neck (not 50's), and it has a full 'black back' (new specs show natural or same color finish as the front) This lead some people to say "maybe it's a class 5", but I believe that would be listed on the COA if that is the case...


Please let me know any insight you may have.


Thanks everyone

post-72707-018627400 1435156066_thumb.jpg

post-72707-049299900 1435156085_thumb.jpg

post-72707-092241700 1435156092_thumb.jpg

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