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No factory repair for Canada

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I'm from Canada. Two Les Pauls and one SG later, I discovered that, due to complications with Customs, I can't ship any of my guitars back to Gibson for factory repairs. They say I might never get the guitar back through Customs so they won't issue me an RMA. Much like a gray market item, I can only obtain repair work from the retailer or Canadian distributor. God bless 'em, I've no doubt that they'd do a decent job (their best anyway) but what if you need work that only Gibson can provide? I need some lacquer work on the headstock - the distributor was going to do the repair but I would lose the "Les Paul Model" decal (something only Gibson can provide) in favor of a painted, silk-screened logo. A small thing to some but, hey, these guitars aren't cheap, especially in Canada (and I didn't pay gray market prices, you can be sure of that...). Yes, technically not Gibson's fault (I'm guessing) but some provisions should be made. Pretty bummed about the whole thing, it will make me think twice before I buy another Gibson (though I do love 'em).


And never mind the fact that the Gibson Limited Lifetime Warranty is only valid within the USA....

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